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Close Your Tabs - No More Hunting For & Exporting Data From Multiple Sources

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Find the Info Most Relevant to You For Increased Success In Less Time

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Leverage Your New Knowledge to Beat The Competition, Talk Smack, & Brag To Your Friends

113+ Stats & More Coming - In One Customizable Tool


Aggregated Stats & Community Sourced Analytics

Relevant Data

All major NFL data in one place. Fantasy, Betting, & Advanced Statistics

Customizable Dashboards

Build spreadsheets from top to bottom in seconds. Filter, sort, and save your data in-app

Community Sourced

Earn credibility, compete against the best, and share your dashboards, predictions, and picks with our community

Betting Hub

View player stats next to Sportsbook's lines. Enhanced desicison making for moneyline, spread, O/U, and player props

Fantasy Hub

Pull in draft info, transaction trends, hot players, projections, and relevant fantasy news for all players and teams

Personalized News

A Sports News page built by you to show only the most relevant news and sources for your game

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The SDN Team

WE ARE...Penn State Alums with a wide range of data analytics, computer science, engineering, and business experience on a mission to fight against the "House Always Wins" attitude. Contact us if you are interested in joining the effort!


Sports Data Now Helps Our Customers Save Time & Win More

  • Save Time Searching For Data

    Most of my lineup building time is spent comparing between a cloud of players at similar price points. I have to go to many sites and tools. SDN makes it easy for me to view player stats next to sportsbook odds and prices


    Johnny Shields

    Daily Fantasy Player

  • Streamline Your Process

    I love coming up with my own stuff and brag about my research! I do enjoy the spreadsheet and calculation process. SDN streamlines this so I can get more creative!


    Stephen Limone

    Sports Data Analyst

  • Analyze What Matters and Win More

    SDN provides a great value to me, especially during the NFL season when I jump between wildly different websites for research. I can rely on SDN to allow me to pull in only the data that is relevant to my success!


    Amanda Davis

    Fantasy Football Champ

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