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We Help Sports Cappers Build Their Brand By Providing An Open Marketplace To Compete For Credibility, Interact With Other Sports Bettors, and Sell Picks & Services For Revenue

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We Auto Track Bets & Sell Your Services So You Can Focus On Growing

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Compete Against Other Cappers To Climb Leaderboards & Gain Exposure To The Sports Betting Market

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Convert Success to Visibility and Manage Clients Using Our Capper Dashboard

One Data-Driven Tool For Your Entire Sports Betting Business


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The SDN Team

Penn State Alumni with a wide range of data analytics, computer science, engineering, and business experience on a mission to fight against the "House Always Wins" attitude. Contact us if you are interested in joining the effort!


We Help Cappers Grow & Manage Their Business

  • Save Time With Automatic Bet Tracking

    Really appreciate the tracking of our free picks - saves me so much time. Do you guys track premium picks as well?


    BirdEyeView Sports Wagering

    Sports Capper

  • Grow Your Brand

    Ya'll seem to be building something nobody else has and it would be good for everyone!



    Sports Capper

  • Mange Your Business

    SDN is a smart move. Nothing really out there that helps you manage your business from start to finish like that.


    The Anonymous Sports Capper

    Sports Capper

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