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Why College Basketball Can Beat Vegas

College basketball is the best sport to bet on by far if you want to take down Vegas. However, when considering baseball, NBA basketball, and football, the house has a significant advantage.

It is no secret that before these sports seasons, the house knows more about what will happen based on analysis of trends and statistics the normal fan does not traditionally have access to in these sports.

The biggest difference with college basketball is the overload of games right at the beginning of the season. In addition, Vegas does not have as much data about lower Division 1 schools, which puts them at a more level playing field with all of us.

They will still have the advantage, but it is about finding the few poor lines and taking advantage of them. This occurs most with teams who return experience but are playing against a team with young stars.

Look at the young stars on Duke that just beat Kentucky. Vegas put the line at Duke (-2.5), but cannot wholly anticipate how well the young stars will perform. This lost the house a lot of money as Duke won by eight points.

The bottom line is to take advantage of Vegas right now and not throw your money away playing casino games. The longer you sit down, the more you lose, so pick your spots to make the most money possible.

I will not act like I have the exact solution to beat Vegas, but college basketball is certainly an area where the playing field is more level. Remember, you will never have the advantage, but they want you to think that you do.

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