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Week 3 Fantasy: Who to Start and Bench

Ah, take a whiff of that fall air. Football is back and all's right with the world, so why not dive into some GREAT fantasy match ups that can help your squad?

There are six players on this list, three to start and three to bench so let’s just cut right to the chase because you’re already probably tired from reading all these words.

Must Start

  1. Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals; Week 3 Match Up: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Not much thinking here in this one. The Cardinals offense is putting up Golden State Warriors-level offensive numbers in the early stages of the season.

Murray has led the offense to scoring over 30 points in back-to-back games, which can only bode well against a Jacksonville organization that is a complete disaster at the moment.

Plus, the passing attack is deadly, racking up an absurd 325 yards per game and is stacked with weapons across the line of scrimmage.

  1. Cooper Kupp, WR, Los Angeles Rams; Week 3 Match Up: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Yes, the reincarnation of Wes Welker is a MUST start for one major reason-this game is going to go to a shootout. Sure, the Rams have Robert Woods and a solid backfield but the pigskin will fly from both offenses so why not take Matthew Stafford’s favorite target?

Through the first two weeks of the season, Kupp has put up an INSANE 271 yards and three touchdowns, including when he TORCHED the Colts defense for 163 yards and two scores.

Add in the fact the Buccaneers’ defense has allowed 27 points per game, Kupp is set up to burn the Bucs like that one black hot dog at a family barbecue.

  1. Denver Broncos Defense, Week 3 Match Up: vs. New York Jets

I mean….it’s the Jets. Do I need to go any further? Don’t get me wrong, I love Robert Salah as head coach. He’s got BIG Rex Ryan vibes and I’m ALL for it.

BUT, this is still a Jets organization that runs through quarterbacks, head coaches, and front offices like Addy from Toy Story throwing his toys away and after Zach Wilson threw a horrid four interceptions, Vic Fangio has to be licking his chops for this match up.

Expect a TON of pressure on Wilson and some turnovers that’ll give your fantasy team a huge boost this weekend.

Must Bench

  1. Every single Miami Dolphins receiver; Week 3 Match Up: @ Las Vegas Raiders

In one of the worst match ups on paper this week, (yes, that’s including the Jets game) Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will miss this game with fractured ribs and do you really want to start Jaylen Waddle or DeVante Parker with Jacoby Brissett under center?

  1. Joe Burrow, QB, Cincinnati Bengals; Week 3 Match Up: @ Pittsburgh Steelers

This Bengals team is so freaking confusing. One minute, Burrow and Chase are connecting for long bombs and it looks like Baton Rouge moved to Ohio. The next minute, Burrow’s getting slaughtered behind a piss-poor offensive line so what happens when that line goes up against a LOADED Steelers defense?

Not good things. The Steelers’ biggest hole is offense, which is not good, but with Ben Roethlisberger attempting to play through a pectoral injury, the defense knows it will have to shoulder the load on Sunday.

Thus, Burrow will get crushed by TJ Watt and will have a miserable performance.

  1. Ezekiel Elliot, RB, Dallas Cowboys; Week 4 Match Up: vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Elliot dilemma in Dallas is fascinating. In a matter of two years, it feels like Elliot is already on the decline. He hasn’t topped five yards per carry since his rookie season. He only had two games of over 100 yards last season (yes, I hear your “BUT HE DIDN’T HAVE DAK” tweets of anger, relax.)

At this moment, Elliot is on pace to post less than 900 yards. Now, will that come true? Probably not, I would be a media stooge to proclaim that BUT, the last three seasons have seen Elliot’s production slowly decrease.

Combine that with the fact, Tony Pollard exploded for 109 yards and one touchdown in a win over the Los Angeles Chargers, Pollard’s role should increase which does not make Elliot’s upside for this week very promising.

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