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Turn Your Love for Sports Into a Thriving Business

Turn Your Love for Sports Into a Thriving Business

Would you describe yourself as a die-hard sports fan, someone who never misses a game and knows the local team’s roster like the back of their hands? If the answer is a big yes, you could put all that passion to good use by launching your very own sports-related business. That way, you could live a sporting lifestyle and make a significant amount of money at the same time.

In this mini-guide, Sports Data Now explains how you can turn your love of sports into a business:

What would you like to do?

Ideally, your future sporting business should be something that aligns well with your interests, your skills, and past experiences. You also want to choose something that’s in demand and has long-term potential. It’s a good idea to make a business plan if you’re uncertain about which direction to go in.

High-value sports business ideas

There are countless options to choose from. Some examples are marketing managers, statisticians, sports therapists, coaches, and more. Below are some high-value and diverse picks:

1. Creating a sports betting business

Sports betting businesses make money through collecting commissions on losing bets, as Rotowire can confirm. If you play your cards right, this can be a very lucrative niche. Sports Data Now offers an all-inclusive data-driven tool that can help you track bets, improve, get verified, and generally build a solid business.

2. Providing lighting to sports stadiums

A lot goes into keeping a sports stadium going – including lighting. Stadiums need top-of-the-line lighting, and it needs to be constantly maintained and replaced. Your business could provide these services or you could become a lighting engineer. If you want to learn more about this trade, you should review industry case studies. It’ll give you a clear picture of what lighting is ideal for illuminating stadiums and arenas, from mid-size outdoor and indoor complexes to collegiate and professional-level stadiums.

3. Starting a sports bar

You could enter the hospitality industry by starting a sports bar. You could stream or broadcast games and sporting events for fans. To be successful, you’ll need to provide a good environment, high-quality food, and, of course, drinks. Themed sports bars are especially in-demand.

4. Offering physical therapy

Sporting injuries are, unfortunately, common. You can help athletes to get back on their feet through physical therapy if that’s something to your liking. You can undergo a professional course of study to pick up the skills and knowledge that you need. Sports Therapist jobs are growing at a rate of 20 percent, reports U.S. News.

5. Coaching or personal training

If you want something more hands-on, you could try sports coaching or personal training. The former option would allow you to train a local team or similar. The latter would involve you helping people get into shape, whether that’s professional athletes or regular people.

6. Selling sporting gear or merchandise

You could always sell sports gear or sporting memorabilia. Some examples are golf sticks, footballs, shin guards, gloves, camping supplies, and other equipment. A brick-and-mortar store would be a significant investment but potentially worthwhile. Another option is to open an online store.

Remote sports jobs are also an option

If running a business isn’t something you can or want to do right now, you could always get a job in the sports industry. These days, you could get a good job remotely. Some options are working as a sports writer, full-time or part-time freelance, a sports agent, or a marketer.

You can also always support your favorite local teams

If you care about your local sporting ecosystem, you could help it to grow and prosper. You could use some of your business earnings to sponsor local teams and venues. You could also raise funds for better lighting, better flooring or turf, buying new equipment, uniforms, or whatever else that’s needed to help your favorite team perform better.


Make sure you register with the government, get an EIN, and conform to licensing and other legal requirements before starting your betting, sports lighting, or other business. You will need to pick up entrepreneurial skills to succeed. Think long-term, be persistent, and keep your eyes on the prize for the best results.

Image via Unsplash.

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