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Top 5 MVP Candidates Through The NFL’s First Trimester

We are already a third of the way through the NFL regular season (I know, I can’t believe it either) and we already have a clear idea of which players could be named MVP at the end of the season. I am going to give you my personal top 5 at the moment with, of course, a curve ball thrown in.

1) Josh Allen

Having Josh Allen at my number one may come as a surprise to you, but

there is no doubting how dominant and impactful he has been for the Bills this year. He had a rough first two weeks, losing to the Steelers and only recording 179 passing yards and an interception against the Dolphins. Since then, he has been averaging 318.5 passing yards per game, 3 passing touchdowns per game while completing 70 percent of his passes and only throwing two interceptions.

And let’s not forget that he has two rushing touchdowns over the course of those four games. Allen also has his team sitting at number two in total points on the season. Even after their loss to the Titans (or should I say Derrick Henry), I still see this team as an AFC Super Bowl favorite and Josh Allen is the guy who will lead them there.

2) Kyler Murray

It was only right for me to put the quarterback of the only undefeated

team in the league on this list. Not only has his team been great, but Kyler Murray has undoubtedly been a top five QB so far. He is leading the league in completion

percentage (73.8%) and has the second highest passer rating (116.2). He is also

averaging 290.2 passing yards per game (7th), has 14 passing touchdowns (6th) and has only thrown four interceptions.

So far this year, Kyler Murray has shown a lot of maturity and has directed most of his focus toward his passing rather than his run game. He is only averaging 19.3 rushing yards per game, proving that his success has been a direct result of his raw passing talent. The only reason Kyler isn’t number one on this list is because I don’t see Josh Allen slowing down any time soon, but I do see the Cardinals slowing down soon.

3) Dak Prescott

It was very tough for me to not put Dak at second on this list, but the

deciding factor was wins. Kyler has been the star player of an undefeated team, so I

thought it was only right that he took the number two spot. However, Dak and Kyler’s

numbers have been very similar so far this season and Dak is even ahead of him in a few categories. Through the first six weeks of the season, Dak is second in completion percentage (73.1%), fifth in passing yards per game (302.2), third in passing touchdowns (16) and has the fourth best passer rating in the league (115.0) while only throwing four interceptions.

The Dallas Cowboys’ over under win total was set at 9.5 before the

season started, but with Dak returning this year and performing at the elite level he is, it is clear that they will easily hit the over.

4) Tom Brady

Just to remind you all one more time: this man is 44 years old! It is crazy to

think that Brady can still be a top five quarterback, but he is currently having one of the best seasons of his career. He is leading the league in passing yards per game (344.0), ranks tenth in completion percentage (68.5%), second in passing touchdowns (17) and fifth in passer rating (107.9) while throwing just three interceptions.

My main reason for not having him higher is that he leads the league in pass attempts with 267 (44.5 per game). But regardless of how many pass attempts he has, what he is doing this season is unfathomable and extremely fun to watch.

5) Derrick Henry

And here’s the curve ball! Once again, King Henry has been dominating

the run game and putting the Titans on his back. He is leading the league in yards by a very large margin (260 yards to be exact) and has ten rushing touchdowns, doubling the four running backs who are sitting at second. Some of you might think that it’s a stretch to say he is responsible for the Titans’ four wins, but let’s be honest, he is responsible for it.

The fact that he is able to record these types of numbers with an average offensive line is incredible. This might finally be the year Derrick Henry gets the recognition he deserves and is given the MVP award.

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