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These Three Teams Must Change Uniforms

For the NBA’s 75th anniversary, there will be some great throwbacks as the Knicks, Celtics and Warriors all displayed their throwbacks for the upcoming season, but these teams need a DESPERATE makeover.

1. Minnesota Timberwolves

There’s good things and bad things about the TImberwolves coming into this season. The good? For one, they have Anthony Edwards, one of the most explosive athletes in the NBA and probably the best press conference interview since Kobe. Karl Anthony-Towns remains in Minnesota for at least another year and D’Angelo Russel comes into this season completely healthy.

The bad? The jerseys look like they were created in a Microsoft Word document. These are hideously simple with completely unnecessary stripes and to be honest, these could be made in 2k if you really tried.

This season is the perfect opportunity to bring back the Kevin Garnett-Stephon Marbury jerseys from the late 90s. For God’s sake Minnesota, just give us something different!

2. San Antonio Spurs

Yes, the Spurs have been the golden standard for consistency over Gregg Popovich’s tenure of over two decades as head coach. But do the uniforms really have to be this simple? They took a step forward in bringing back the “Fiesta” uniforms as retro throwbacks but for a team that is clearly turning the page on the LaMarcus Aldridge-Demar DeRozan chapter, the time is now for a completely new redesign.

3. Orlando Magic

This has to be the worst case of a franchise overthinking its uniforms. There’s only one answer for the Magic’s uniform combos this season....the Shaq and Penny Hardaway’s from the franchise’s glory days in the early 1990s.

In case you forgot what the team forced our eyeballs to look at last season, this is the same team that put orange on its alternate and just added a space background as if uniforms are desktop wallpapers for your laptop in 2017.

The Magic have Jalen Suggs coming in, Anthony Edwards aiming to improve on a solid rookie season, and Markelle Fultz attempting a revenge tour on the league so PLEASE BRING THESE BACK!

It’ll be the smartest thing this organization has done since drafting Dwight Howard. There’s no excuse. No weaseling out of this. This is the time to bring back the one jersey that is at every fraternity, sorority and tailgate on a college campus.

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