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The San Francisco Giants are here to stay.

We’re about 30 games into the MLB season depending on the schedule and things have changed remarkably.

One of those developments at this point in the season is the red-hot San Francisco Giants. Sitting at the top of the NL West, the Giants have been the most impressive team this season. FanGraphs gave San Francisco a 0.2% probability to win the division and a 5.7% chance to make the postseason, and it’s easy to see why.

San Francisco’s lineup is a fantastic concoction of personalities and experience. Buster Posey is reminding baseball fans why he’s been one of the best catchers in baseball for the last decade. Through 27 games, Posey’s hitting a career-high .326 battering average and posting a godly 1.093 OPS.

Meanwhile, Mike Yastrzemski has notched a hit in seven of the last eight, four of which have been doubles, to provide some great contact hitting to create the balance for Gabe Kapler’s squad.

Remember Evan Longoria? Yeah, he’s still in the league and has seemingly rejuvenated his career with perhaps his best season since joining the Giants in 2018.

On the rubber, the Giants have several renaissance acts that form their rotation. Johnny Cueto, the former Reds ace, allowed four runs through his first three starts, but slipped against the Padres, giving up five earned runs before bouncing back against the Pirates in his latest start.

Meanwhile Kevin Gausman has revitalized his career this season, posting a career-low 1.82 ERA and has gone deep into games, which has been vital to keeping the bullpen fresh.

In every start this year, Gausman has lasted at least six full innings, most notably going eight innings, striking out 12 and giving up only one earned run in his last start.

The only weakness is the bullpen. According to FanGraphs, the Giants only rank 20th in bullpen era across the majors, which does not bode well when facing talented lineups like the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, who are on the Giants’ heels for the division crown.

In fact, seven of San Francisco’s next nine games will be against the Dodgers, followed by a two game series against red-hot Shohei Ohtani and the Los Angeles Angels. While it’s a gauntlet on paper, San Francisco is not a team to underestimate.

It has a great mix of veteran leadership and starting pitching depth that is rare in the majors that puts San Francisco in the upper echelon of the league, but who Gabe Kapler goes to late in games will ultimately determine the club’s fate.

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