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The Craziest Fantasy Football Stories...from you!

Hey All! This past week we went to you to share some of your craziest Fantasy Football successes and/or failures and boy did you respond!

We received over 206 comments with 133 unique responses!

Here's a Summary of Our Favorites...


Background -50$ ppr league because I felt confident where I was new, and they needed a fill in. 8-person league where everyone kept 2 picks from last year (except me obviously) so needless to say I was the underdog.

So draft day comes, and I have been trying to figure best draft strategy and I finally got it down the only issue is I have to draft while on a plane. Pay for the Wi-Fi and should all be good right? Can't connect to the draft. Well at least I'll have auto draft in my favor, right? Not exactly since I had gone through and did half a mock draft on ESPN by deleting players as the rounds "passed". My first pick of the draft due to this was Courtland Sutton which worked out terribly. Got some gems overall which saved me (Josh Allen and Calvin Ridley)

That draft placed me last in the league but with some insane luck and solid pickups (cam Akers, Jonathan Taylor trade, Dionte Johnson) I pulled out 1st in my league and avoided going against Kamara in semis to an astonishing upset!!


About 5-6 years ago, we had a 12-team league with 3 divisions. My buddy was 2-7 and rattled off 3 straight wins to go 5-7 and somehow managed to sneak into the playoffs, by the time the playoffs started his team had become an absolute powerhouse. He picked up David Johnson and Doug Baldwin who went crazy in the playoffs. He outscored everyone in the playoffs, he would’ve beaten any team he played any week through the entire thing and ended up winning it all. Probably the craziest run I’ve ever seen.


Probably not as interesting as other people, but 2 years ago I was ecstatic to draft Andrew Luck. He was the one bright spot on my team the year before, and I loved watching him. 20 minutes after the draft, I get a notification that he retired. Got blackout drunk in New Orleans after that and the rest is history (I placed last in the league that year and had to run a half marathon).


About two seasons ago I traded Josh Jacobs for James Connor in the midst of a losing streak. Played him for a few weeks and then swapped him for Derrick Henry in week 12. Henry then when on to put up 20 points or more in every game he played minus one. Won the chip.


I was 4-6-1 going into the final week of the regular season. I needed to win by X amount and have about 4 different people win/lose in order to sneak into the playoffs. Everything lined up perfectly and ended up winning it all.


A league mate was somehow 2-6 during Lamar Jackson's MVP season. He actually drafted Andrew Luck in the 8th, but was forced to take another QB after Luck retired 30 minutes later (a legendary draft day occurrence).

Anyway, he needed to win out to have a shot at the playoffs. He was down 7 with seconds left in the MNF game. He needed the Eagles to defense to force a Danny Dimes fumble and take it to the house on the final play of the game. That is exactly what happened. He ended up winning his last 4 games and cruising through the playoffs to a fantasy title.

All the fail stories involve me unfortunately. Like Mason Crosby missing 5 kicks in a game (a game I lost by 0.2 points). I ended up missing the playoffs, while the person who won snuck in at 7-6 and ran the table. Or the time I needed 2 second half points from Jordan Reed in the semifinals. Then he punched a guy in the helmet and got ejected. I will check back in January for an updated fail story.

And @prussianacid put it best when he said:

I think staying in touch with friends and getting the opportunity to both take their money and earn bragging rights is what keeps us all coming back! If you agree, leave a like on this post and check out what else we have to offer at!

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