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The College Football Playoff: Can we take it seriously anymore?

Another year, another two terrible College Football Playoff Semifinal games.

First, Saban and company routed the Bearcats when Alabama beat Cincinnati 27-6. Then, Georgia handled Michigan even better in a 34-11 victory.

The National Championship game was pretty good, however, as Georgia sealed the deal on a pick-six and won 33-18.

But the mantra sticks: The CFP semifinal games stink. Every year.

The margin of victory is over 21 points. In a round of playoff games.

And what do the leaders of the CFP decide on in their latest meeting on February 18?

They can only agree to disagree.

Any changes to the playoff format need to be unanimous. And just like at the committee’s last nine meetings, a vote to expand to twelve playoff teams was not unanimous.

For some ridiculous reason.

Well, maybe not for all parties involved. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick are very against an expansion and are basically the reason we’re still at four teams.

Why don’t they want an expansion? Think about it: the SEC still dominates the current CFP. The two teams in the National Championship last season were from the SEC, and from the eight CFP’s so far, five have crowned an SEC team the champion.

Notre Dame doesn’t have as much of an argument. The Fighting Irish have made the CFP twice in eight tries. And they lost in the semifinal both years.

Plus, Notre Dame was literally No. 5 in the rankings at the end of this season. So, if the playoff were expanded, Notre Dame would’ve of course been in this year instead of out. So their reluctance to change the format doesn’t make nearly as much sense.

And here’s a question for Sankey: the SEC is obviously the best football conference, especially with the additions of Texas and Oklahoma. So, that means the SEC would still dominate even an expanded playoff, right?

A 12-team playoff would’ve slotted Ole Miss into this past season’s tournament. That would’ve made three SEC teams, more than any other conference.

In the 2020-21 season, four SEC teams would’ve made it in Alabama, Texas A&M, Florida and Georgia. That’s more than any other conference.

So, I ask you, Sankey: If the SEC really is the best conference in college football, then why are you scared of expansion? Especially because your conference could make up the majority of the playoff anyway. Shouldn’t the SEC teams win anyway?

Unfortunately, Sankey doesn’t care about close games, more chances for more universities and higher spotlights for more student athletes. He just cares about the SEC winning National Championships, and it’s working right now.

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