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The Best Edition of the NFL Playoffs is Coming...

The NFL Playoffs this year will be the best ever. Yes I said ever in the history of the league with all of the great games we have had over the years.

The league has never been this competitive and we have no idea who is going to meet in the Super Bowl. Most years we have two teams that will meet, which makes the playoffs less interesting.

Last year we had the Chiefs and the Bucs, which seemed to be on track to meet in February the whole year. The year before it was the same thing with the Chiefs winning the super bowl.

When looking at the AFC playoff picture there is absolutely not a big favorite. The Chiefs and Patriots have looked to pull away but both teams have struggled at multiple points this season.

The Patriots have a rookie quarterback and the Chiefs defense does not have Super Bowl talent. In the NFC the Packers, Cardinals, Bucs, Cowboys, and Rams all have a chance to win the conference.

This could be one of the years where an underdog wild card team can make a run and steal the Super Bowl from one of the favorites. The wild card race in both conferences is full of mediocre teams that have a high ceiling if they play at their best.

In the NFL all it takes is a few good games, and you can find yourself in the Super Bowl. Look out for one of the wild card teams to shake up the whole playoff picture.

The one thing I can guarantee you is an amazing January of NFL playoffs. Look out because one of the teams you least expect can lift the Lombardi.

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