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How-To Guide: Public Sports Betting Profiles Are Here!

This blog will teach a Sports Data Now user how to populate their public sports betting profile page for use in their sports handicapping business.

After many user requests, public profiles are here! These pages may be used to showcase a cappers' sports betting performance as well as display basic information about your brand and any active free picks for followers.

Public profiles can really help elevate your brand and put a stamp on your commitment to transparency in the sports betting business. Here is our step by step tutorial on how to make the most of this page.

Getting Started

As an SDN user, you automatically have a public profile page because we automatically load all your data in for you! So the only thing you have to do is follow the steps below...

Step #1 - Login to Your Capper Dashboard

SDN users can access their dashboard by visiting and logging in with their normal login.

Step #2 - Locate the Settings Page

Once you are logged into your dashboard, locate the gear icon in the top right of the header. Click the gear to access the settings page.

Step #3 - Fill in the Appropriate Information

On the settings page, you'll notice two sets of information. Under "Public Profile Settings" on the right side of the page first click "edit" and then you'll be able to fill information in each field. In the description box, write whatever text you'd like displayed on your profile. A quick bio usually works well for this! For plays per day, featured leagues, and bet-types, fill in whatever information is most relevant to you at the time and continually update this as the year goes on. Beyond that, add links to your social pages as well as a personal link of your choice.

Step #4 - Hit Save & Check it Out

Done! Your newly input information will be present on the main app on the right side of the page. Copy the link at the top of the page, and make sure to share wherever you please. Visit KB Betting's profile HERE.

Using Your Profile Page

Tip #1 - Put Your Link in Bio

The public profile can easily be linked in any social media bio or profile page so your followers can easily access your stats and free picks at anytime. Use it to promote transparency in the sports betting world and also showcase your verified success.

Tip #2 - Send to Potential Clients

When trying to make a sale as a handicapper to casual sports bettors looking to buy your packages, the question often comes up, "Where can I see your record?". This is the perfect opportunity to link your profile and share that you are tracked by a third party service that verifies each bet.

Tip #3 - Screenshot

This new dark themed style isn't just for looks! Feel free to screenshot any part of the dashboard and share with your followers. The dashboard looks best on desktop, but we are working on optimizing the mobile view of each page of our site.

SDN Isn't Perfect...We Need Your Feedback

While we think you'll like this new feature, this is only version 1! Help us make the changes you need to get the most value out of our service. Contact us on Twitter or Instagram @SportsDataNow, through email at, or fill out our feedback form to give your input.

Thank You All!

The SDN Team

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