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Steph Curry is Too Protected

Stephen Curry is the most protected superstar in NBA history. He can only break records and hit threes while doing no wrong.

Right now Curry is going through a stretch of 8 games shooting under 50% from the field but no one is talking about it. Since he broke the record for the most threes ever, the Warriors have not played as well.

Now Curry believes he should take the impossible shots he makes once in a while every time down the court. This is not only hurting his own stats but the team has also lost 4 out of the last 5.

If LeBron James or Kevin Durant went through this long of a cold spell, they would be destroyed by the media. Every conversation would be about how each of these stars are washed and can never win a championship ever again.

Curry is struggling and his team is losing but no one seems to care. The answer is always the Warriors will figure it out. They can still win the championship but when a team is struggling there needs to be urgency to figure things out.

Klay Thompson just returned from injury, which messed up the Warriors rotation for the short term. This is still no excuse for the best shooter ever to struggle so mightily, which results in losing basketball.

There is no Kevin Durant anymore to bail out the Warriors, which means Curry needs to step up and play like an MVP again. If he does not play like an MVP then he should be criticized like any other superstar would.

Stephen Curry is an amazing basketball player but this immunity from criticism needs to go. He earned the right to be called the greatest shooter ever, but he needs to start living up to the name again.

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