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SDN’s Top-3 Fantasy Wide Receivers For The 2022 NFL Season

SDN’s Top-3 Fantasy Wide Receivers For The 2022 NFL Season

Number 1: Justin Jefferson

There is no denying that Jefferson is a top 3 deep threat in the NFL right now. With an improved offensive line, Cousins will have more time to get the ball downfield to JJ resulting in even more yards and touchdowns. Speaking of more yards and touchdowns, he had a huge spike in his usage and performance last season. Compared to his rookie year, he had 42 more targets, 20 more receptions, 216 more yards, and 4 more tds. With this only being his third season in the league, Jefferson is poised for an even better year and will solidify himself as not just a top 3 receiver in the league, but the best receiver in the league. There is a good chance Jefferson won't be the first receiver taken in this year's draft, so take advantage of that.

Number 2: Cooper Kupp

Kupp had the best fantasy season ever recorded by a wide receiver last year when he won the triple crown. The chances of him recreating a season like this? Slim to none. Now of course, we are not just expecting him to completely fall off as we still view him as a top 3 WR. But with the addition of another competent wide receiver in Allen Robinson, we will see a significant drop in his usage. The biggest reason we believe Kupp will regress is because of the 16 TDs he put up last season. Repeating a feat like this is nearly impossible as Jerry Rice was the only WR to ever put up 15+ Tds in back to back seasons. The return of Akers and an improved run game will also hurt Kupp's usage. Be wary of taking Kupp if Jefferson is still available.

Number 3: Ja’Marr Chase

Chase took the league by storm last season and arguably had the best season by any rookie receiver ever. So the question is... can he repeat what he did last season? Well not only will he repeat it, but he will top it. Cincinnati's offensive line is only getting better (ranked 8th by PFF) but so is Joe Burrow. Coming off of an ACL tear, he finished the season as a top 10 quarterback and led his team to the super bowl. Burrow is only going to get better and he is taking his receivers with him. And looking back, Chase's usage was not even that good. He finished 20th in targets but still managed to finish 5th among wide receivers in fantasy. While we don't believe it will happen, Chase has the potential to finish this season as the best wide receiver in the NFL.

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