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SDN’s Top-3 Fantasy Running Backs For The 2022 NFL Season

SDN’s Top-3 Fantasy Running Backs For The 2022 NFL Season

Number 1: Derrick Henry

Now before you close out of this tab, hear us out. Taylor will go 1st in almost every draft and for good reason: he was the best rb last year. So why do we think Henry will be better? One word: usage. Henry's usage was off the charts last year, averaging the most carries and targets per game of his career. He was also on pace to record the most touchdowns, receptions and total yards of his career. Not only that, but Henry was also on pace to have better numbers in each of these categories than Jonathan Taylor. Most people passed up on Henry last year because it was believed that his age would affect his usage. Clearly this was not an issue. The only thing you need to worry about is Henry keeping his foot healthy.

Number 2: Jonathan Taylor

There's no denying that taylor will be the #1 pick in most drafts this year. Taylor's workload will be increased, but the possibility of a digression is more likely than you may think. Based on his usage rates last year, he should have gotten 5 less tds than he did. Players often have a down-year after a year like this (Dalvin Cook last year). While we also love Taylor at 1, it is not because we believe he will be the best running back. He is simply the most valuable trade piece in fantasy this year. You could easily trade him for a guy like Derrick Henry and a solid

mid-round wide receiver like Elijah Moore. If done right, a trade like this could easily win you your league. Draft wisely…

Number 3: Christian McCaffrey

I think we can all agree on one thing: If CMC can remain healthy for all 17 games this season, he will probably end the season as RB1 in fantasy. But the chances of that happening? Not likely at all when you consider his past two seasons. McCaffrey has been an injury magnet, playing a total of 10 games over a two-year span (7 in 2021 and 3 in 2020). Even if McCaffrey is able to remain healthy for most of the season, Carolina will likely reduce his workload and attempt to prioritize his safety. So why do we still see him as a top 3 rb? Value. He is still one of the most valuable players in fantasy and will get you a lot in return if you decide to trade him. He is still also the best receiving back in the NFL and will see increased targets with a somewhat competent quarterback in mayfield throwing to him. Be wary of CMC, but do not pass over him.

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