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SDN’s Top-3 Fantasy Quarterbacks For The 2022 NFL Season

SDN’s Top-3 Fantasy Quarterbacks For The 2022 NFL Season

Number 1: Josh Allen

Let's not kid ourselves here. Josh Allen was the best fantasy quarterback last season and he will definitely be the best again this season. Not only does he have Diggs, one of the league's best receivers, but he also has Dawson Knox and Gabriel Davis who both became much more confident players last year. With these two players set to have breakout years, we will only see Allen's usage increase. On top of this, Buffalo is still struggling with their running back department, so we will see a lot of designed rushes for allen. This will most likely result in not only similar rushing yards to last season (763) but similar rushing touchdowns as well (7). Allen is only getting better and he will definitely be in the MVP conversation this season.

Number 2: Justin Herbert

Herbert is entering the 3rd season of his career and we should all be expecting big things from him. He has already solidified himself as a top 5 quarterback in just two seasons, so do not be surprised when his name is brought up in the MVP conversation this year. Herbert has some of the best offensive weapons in the league with Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Austin Ekeler, Gerald Everett and an on the rise receiver in Joshua Palmer. Herbert absolutely has the potential and the skill set to be this year’s best fantasy quarterback but we just can’t see him keeping up with Josh Allen. While Allen is our #1, Herbert may be the safest pick in this year’s draft simply because of his pocket passing ability.

Number 3: Lamar Jackson

While Jackson missed 5 games due to injury last season, he was great when healthy. He ranked 5th last season in fantasy points per game which was a huge step up from his lackluster 2020 season. There is no debating that Jackson is one of the most valuable players in fantasy, but there’s one thing that has us and many others worried: his health and how the Ravens will manage It. When any mobile quarterback gets injured, it is a major concern. Not only because they have an increased chance to get injured again, but coaches have a tendency to limit their rushes. With Jackson’s first ‘real’ injury happening last year, we will probably see a bit of this. If not, Jackson will end up as this year’s best fantasy qb.

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