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SDN's NFL Power Rankings - Week 4

It's already week 4 in the NFL, so teams are showing their true colors. Some teams are surprising us and living up to expectations, while others have looked miserable in New York.

Teams have ups and downs, but through week 3, these teams have earned a spot on my NFL power rankings top five list:

1. Los Angeles Rams (3-0)

The Rams have started the season 3-0 and dominated the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Tampa Bay Bucs. Matthew Stafford came over from the Lions with huge expectations to fill the void of Jared Goff while taking the offense to the next level with his strong arm. He did that and more, making the offense attack more vertically by utilizing their play makers such as DeSean Jackson. Attacking down the field opened up the shorter passes to Cooper Kupp in attacking zone coverage. The offense looks electric, but the defense is just as good with Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. This team is elite all around and will contend for the NFC crown.

2. Buffalo Bills (2-1)

Buffalo struggled offensively in a loss to the Steelers week 1, but both teams went in opposite directions from there. The Bills dominated their next two games on both sides of the ball. Josh Allen got back on track, dropping 35 or more points in two games straight. The entire receiving core is involved in the offense meaning Stefon Diggs has not played like his dominating self yet. The defense looks explosive and is flying to the ball, creating problems for teams they are playing. The Dolphins in week 2 did not score once in Buffalo. The pressure from the ball-hawking secondary is too much for most teams to deal with. The Bills are one of the elite contenders in the AFC.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (1-2)

I know putting the Chiefs at three might be too high for some people, but they still have one of the best offenses in football. Notice I did not say team because the defense has been so poor this year that it is overshadowing the offense's play. The Chiefs have allowed at least 29 points in every game, leaving the offense with an uphill battle for 60 minutes. Patrick Mahomes is still one of the best quarterback talents ever; With Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce on the same squad, the offense will keep putting up points that are good enough to beat most teams. But it will not do the job to beat the elite teams. Chris Jones needs to show up and create some pressure for the Chiefs. If they get a turnover and give their dynamic offense a shot, it will be tough to lose. The offense needs to stop turning the ball over, but the defense cannot lose them games if they want to win the AFC again.

4. Green Bay Packers (2-1)

Aaron Rodgers is a baaaaaaad man, as Stephen A. Smith likes to say. He only has 37 seconds with no timeouts but leads the team downfield to kick a winning field goal as time expires. The offense is elite with Aaron Jones at running back and Davante Adams at wideout. They have one of the best quarterbacks in football history, so the one question is with the defense. In the first game against the Saints, it was a total team failure. However, the whole organization regrouped as they followed that loss by beating the Lions and 49ers consecutively. The 49ers are a solid team in the NFC West, but Aaron Rodgers controlled the game. If the horrid defense can play decent, then they will be back in the NFC championship.

5. Las Vegas Raiders (3-0)

The Raiders could not have gotten off to a better start in Las Vegas. They have won all three games this year in entertaining fashion with an fiery offense. This is one of the teams that takes their fan base's personality and finds a way to win games. Derek Carr has played like an MVP candidate so far this season while leading an efficient offense. Darren Waller is an elite huge tight end target for Carr, but other than him, he spreads the ball around to break down defenses with football IQ. Once Josh Jacobs gets back healthy, the running game will look much better. The Raiders are hitting on all cylinders right now, and the defense has stepped up to the plate. This team will fight for a wildcard spot as Kansas City will win the division, but the Raiders are back.

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