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National Blowout Association?

The NBA is known for its seven-game series of nail biters that get us out of our seats. This has not happened for almost all of the games in this postseason. It has been miserable through the Conference Finals games.

Over 15 games in the playoffs have been decided by 20 or more, and most series have just been dreadful to watch. The Timberwolves and Grizzlies played a close series with close games but even a couple were blowouts.

The blowouts make me want to turn off the tv halfway through the second quarter. It is lucky when I can make it past halftime without a team dominating the game by 15 points. The Heat and Celtics series is full of blowouts with no close games.

Both of these teams have elite defenses but that should mean that the games should be close, even if they perform poorly offensively. I am not sure what the NBA can do to fix this, but it is ruining one of the best postseasons out of all sports.

The Cavaliers beating the Warriors in game seven after a nail-biter a series in Golden State is what we all live for. Just a taste of that right now would make this postseason dramatically better.

In the Warriors against the Mavs game 5, Golden State brought in their backups for the entire fourth quarter practically. The game was so out of reach that one-fourth of the game was taken up by beach warmers looking for an opportunity to play.

Look, I am not saying I want games to be fixed to be closer but there needs to be a solution fast so we can all enjoy the playoffs again. I am tired of this, and I can even admit as a basketball fan that the NHL playoffs blew the NBA out of the water.

We want the National Basketball Association, not the National Blowout Association!

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