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Iga Runs The Tennis World

Iga Swiatek is a polish 21 years old star that continues to dominate women's tennis. She just won the French Open today and does not plan on stopping.

Swiatek has been the number one player in the world since Ash Barty retired and did not get complacent as the best in the world. She is currently on a 35-match win streak, which is the longest streak since 2000.

Serena Williams is the only other player in the last 22 years that can compare to the dominance of Swiatek. The difference between Swiatek and the great Serena Williams is the margin she plays every point with.

Serena dominated opponents with brute strength, while Swiatek is just so solid off of both sides. Being an all-court player has helped transition Swiatek from hard to clay without losing the win streak.

The next step for Swiatek is to win Wimbledon and keep setting records. She is chasing herself at this point with no real consistent competition.

It is uncommon in recent years for Serena Williams to take time off to see a dominant champion in women's tennis. This is why Swiatek is so refreshing for many fans.

The only thing potentially stopping Swiatek in the future is herself with the level of tennis she is playing. If she keeps improving her serve and movement at this rate, it is just a matter of time until she joins an elite company.

If you have not heard of Iga Swiatek, watch her play tennis. She is a great ambassador for women's tennis and dominant on the court. The future is bright for women’s tennis and it is largely in the hands of a young champion!

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