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How to Live Bet and Make Money!

Placing a live bet is the best way to get the edge on Vegas. Let’s remember that us betters never have the edge, but it is about finding the spots to take advantage of.

Live betting has a mysterious element to it that most other bets do not have. Live lines continue to move throughout the whole game almost every second, so it is more difficult for Vegas to take advantage of us.

When you bet on a game before it starts Vegas has a major advantage on us. They have more statistics and crunch the numbers better than anyone else could.

It is clear that they anticipate things that we cannot see coming. With live betting this element is taken away to a certain degree, because everyone is watching the same game while it is happening.

Both the better and the house have a more level playing field with the mysterious factor of anything that could happen in the game. It is not as simple as this though, because Vegas runs algorithms to understand the live lines.

There are benefits and drawbacks to live betting, but it is certainly better then placing a bet before the game. Make sure to take advantage of what you can control before you bet, and recognizing your advantages is key.

Live betting is the way to make the most money and gives you the best chance but nothing is certain in gambling. I hope you get smart and stop trying to beat the numbers before the game. Improvise with everyone else and you will find more success.

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