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How COVID-19 Changed The Whole NFL Season (Again)

COVID-19 has made its impact on football during the 2021-2022 season, and does it de-legitimize he super bowl winner at the end of this year?

Teams are having to play without there superstars every week due to the pandemic and the flu. Unfortunately multiple players have had to play with the flu, because of the amount of players out for COVID-19.

The super bowl winner can potentially play each team without its best players every game on the road to the Lombardi trophy. It happened in the NBA, which forced them to go to the bubble to save the playoffs.

A team that is deep like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have the advantage over the thin Los Angeles Rams. If you look at the teams on paper there can be an argument made that the Rams have the better roster.

The factor of players being ruled out for a pandemic should not be a factor that effects a football team full of stars. Another impact it can have is on wild card weekend.

The games will be wild, because in the NFL you lose once and you are out. This means if a star is out due to protocols the day before the game the team will not be prepared.

A lower seed has a major opportunity to beat the two or three seed with fielding the better team when it comes to game day. It would seem this will make it exciting but illegitimate.

I am all for extra excitement in the playoffs, but I want it to be legit. We all do!

Do you want your team to lose because of a global pandemic no one can do anything about? It can very well happen, so be prepared.

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