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EPL Week 9 Match Preview

With the International Break over, the domestic leagues are back for about a month until the beginning of the World Cup in November. The London and Manchester derbies are the peaks of EPL Match Week 9, which will end as the bottom two teams of the league meet on Monday. Here is the preview for EPL Match Week 9.

Arsenal vs. Tottenham:

The first and third teams on the table will play the London derby on Saturday morning. As both teams have seen improvements following their summer transfer acquisitions, this should be an interesting one to watch. Most of the clashes between Arsenal and Tottenham have ended in the home side's favor, as has been the case in the last five matches. Arsenal are hosting this derby, and they have been in good form. However, they could not deliver when they faced their real test against Man United.

Tottenham are still happy with letting their opponents have more possession of the ball and looking for counterattacks. Son scored a hat trick last time, Kane is in good form, and Richarlison has made a difference. It all means this game will be close, which will probably end in the Gunners' favor but with a small margin.

Five Thirty Eight: ARS: 44%, TOT: 32%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: ARS: +105, TOT: +250, Draw: +260

Bournemouth vs. Brentford:

There is little history between these two sides, at least in EPL. Brentford were disappointing at home against Arsenal, and Bournemouth were heartbroken by a VAR penalty against Newcastle last time. Three of the previous four times they met in EPL have gone for Brentford, and Bournemouth won one at home. The hosts struggle with scoring goals, whereas the visitors can't keep the ball away from their danger zone. The Bees seem to have a slight upper hand which should help them win this game.

Five Thirty Eight: BOU: 30%, BRE: 45%, Draw: 25%

Odds Shark: BOU: +235, BRE: +120, Draw: +225

Crystal Palace vs. Chelsea:

Chelsea bid farewell to Tuchel and hired Graham Potter as their new manager before Match Week 7. While we haven't seen Potter with Chelsea in EPL yet, he is known as the thinking manager of the league. Yet, his best result with Chelsea was a draw in the Champions League. Managing Palace, Viera is the trouble maker as we saw earlier against City. While Chelsea have earned the three points in their last five head-to-heads with Palace, they have suffered with scoring goals this season. It is yet to see if Potter has been able to make a difference in Chelsea's offensive line. The circumstances make it difficult to predict this game. Zaha can cause trouble for Chelsea, but the visitors will find a way to respond. This may end up in a draw as Potter starts to assess his new challenge as the Chelsea manager.

Five Thirty Eight: CRY: 27%, CHE: 47%, Draw: 26%

Odds Shark: CRY: +340, CHE: -120, Draw: +250

Fulham vs. Newcastle:

The real question is if Newcastle will break away from the streak of 1-1 draws. It is hard to say and believe that the wealth brought to the club has not made a significant difference. The historical statistics are also very tight between these two sides. With the most draws in the season, the Magpies are sitting three points behind the sixth-place Fulham in 10th place. However, if they win, they will go above Fulham based on goal difference. Fulham are in better shape statistically. Newcastle were lucky to score an equalizer against Bournemouth last time, but they may not get lucky this time. Fulham should get the three points of this game.

Five Thirty Eight: FUL: 33%, NEW: 42%, Draw: 26%

Odds Shark: FUL: +205, NEW: +135, Draw: +225

Liverpool vs. Brighton:

Liverpool are suffering from several injuries, and Brighton lost their manager to Chelsea. The last match-up between these two sides at Anfield ended in a 2-2 draw, and the one before that went for Brighton. All in all, Brighton have not been an easy opponent for Liverpool. They also showed good quality as they beat Leicester with five goals to two when they still had Potter. It is to be seen how Brighton performs under new management. Liverpool really need to get back in the title race, for which they have to win this game. Chances are Liverpool will earn the three points of this game.

Five Thirty Eight: LIV: 65%, BRI: 16%, Draw: 20%

Odds Shark: LIV: -265, BRI: +675, Draw: +400

Southampton vs. Everton:

Everton have the second most number of draws after Newcastle. They got their first win against West Ham, sitting in the relegation zone. It's no doubt that Everton have trouble in their attacking third, and so do Southampton. The managers of both clubs have been under pressure for unsatisfactory results. Will Everton build up on their victory, or will Southampton pull a stunner? This game may not have many goals, and the two sides will likely share the points at the end.

Five Thirty Eight: SOU: 44%, EVE: 30%, Draw: 26%

Odds Shark: SOU: +115, EVE: +240, Draw: +240

West Ham vs. Wolves:

This is another clash between teams desperate to distance themselves from the relegation zone. Each side has scored only three goals so far, showing their problems in the attacking third. It is tough to say where this game will go. Desperation and fan support may come to the Hammers' advantage as they may cling to a narrow victory.

Five Thirty Eight: WHU: 47%, WOL: 25%, Draw: 28%

Odds Shark: WHU: -105, WOL: +300, Draw: +235

Manchester City vs. Manchester United:

Having surprised Liverpool and Arsenal, United's next big test is against the champions whose goal-scoring machine has been improved by Haaland. Frankly speaking, this will be the toughest test for the Red Devils' defensive line. Maguire has proven an unreliable defender, who issued an apology for his poor performance for England against Germany during the International Break. But with their new recruits, United have enjoyed a four-win streak after their humiliation against Brentford.

So, the question is if United are ready to stop Haaland and City. Can they impose the City's first defeat, as they did to Liverpool and Arsenal? It is hard to imagine that City, who enjoy the biggest goal difference this season so far, will succumb to their red neighbors. That's if they play the same way they usually do (unlike their game against Villa and Newcastle.) While United may prove troublesome, City have more ambitions and tools in their arsenal to break the Red Devils' winning streak.

Five Thirty Eight: MCI: 74%, MUN: 10%, Draw: 16%

Odds Shark: MCI: -280, MUN: +650, Draw: +440

Leeds vs. Aston Villa:

Steven Gerrard enjoyed a draw against City and a win against Southampton (both home games), while Leeds lost to Brentford and tied with Everton. Having played one less game following the Queen's death, Leeds are still in better form than Villa in terms of statistics. Soccer is not won by statistics, though. However, Aston Villa seem to struggle in away games. This close game will likely go for Leeds with very narrow margins.

Five Thirty Eight: LEE: 39%, AVL: 36%, Draw: 26%

Odds Shark: LEE: +140, AVL: +195, Draw: +230

Leicester vs. Nottingham Forest:

The bottom two teams on the table look to improve their conditions, and they both see the other team as prey. No side has won in their last five games. Forest's summer spending has not yet come to fruition. Foxes, on the other hand, have Maddison, Vardy, and Barnes, although Ward is not a good keeper. However, playing at home against a side who have scoring issues, Leicester may enjoy their first victory of the season.

Five Thirty Eight: LEI: 59%, NFO: 19%, Draw: 22%

Odds Shark: LEI: -133, NFO: +333, Draw: +300

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