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EPL Match Week 7 Preview

EPL Match Week 7 Preview

English Premier League keeps getting hotter with unexpected results and baffling news. Under enormous pressure, Chelsea sacked Tuchel and will go to the next Match Week without a manager. Arsenal look to put their defeat against United behind them, and City want to close the gap with the Gunners at the top of the table. Eyes are also on Leicester for their first win of the campaign and if they will part ways with Rogers if things don't improve. Here is the EPL Match Week 7 Preview.

Fulham vs. Chelsea:

Chelsea have not had a good season so far. The results are scattered, and, following a Champions League defeat, they sacked their manager. Although they have come out of their last five match-ups with Fulham victorious, the Blues' problems have been mounting. They still haven't figured out their striker issue. The statistics between the two sides are very similar, despite Fulham trailing Chelsea by two points. Fulham have gotten better results at home, wins and a draw against Liverpool in match one. Chelsea only beat Everton away from home, losing the following two away games. All in all, this will be a difficult one to win for Chelsea in their current form. This match-up will likely end in a draw.

Five Thirty Eight: FUL: 21%, CHE: 56%, Draw: 23%

Odds Shark: FUL: +320, CHE: -125, Draw: +280

Bournemouth vs. Brighton:

The hosts have beaten Brighton three times in the last five games, losing only one. Brighton have been reformed significantly under Potter as they stunned Leicester last weekend. Bournemouth, too, pulled an astonishing result away from home as they came back to beat Forest by three goals against two. Brighton have scored more goals and conceded less, sitting comfortably in the fourth position. While history is on Bournemouth's side, it may not repeat itself this time, as Brighton will probably win this game.

Five Thirty Eight: BOU: 21%, BRI: 54%, Draw: 25%

Odds Shark: BOU: +375, BRI: -125, Draw: +250

Leicester vs. Aston Villa:

Both sides are heading into this game as pressure is mounting on both managers. Leicester have yet to win a game and, with five defeats out of six, are sitting at the bottom of the table. The results of their last five head-to-heads have been sporadic, but that's before the two clubs were in their current crises. It is no doubt that Leicester desperately need to win this game, and they hope to get their first three points against Gerrard's side. They find it challenging to keep Villa's strikers away without a reliable goalkeeper, but they also have scoring potential. This one will likely end in a draw.

Five Thirty Eight: LEI: 42%, AVL: 32%, Draw: 25%

Odds Shark: LEI: +140, AVL: +188, Draw: +250

Liverpool vs. Wolves:

Liverpool's last two results have not been great. They drew with Everton in the Merseyside derby and suffered a humiliating 4-1 defeat against Napoli in the Champions League. They have not been on good form this season, but neither have been Wolves. The visitors have only won one game and are sitting in fourteenth place. History, too, is on Liverpool's side as they have won the last five games against Wolves and thirteen of the sixteen times the two sides met. This game will make it fourteen wins for Liverpool in the history of these two clubs' head-to-heads.

Five Thirty Eight: LIV: 76%, WOL: 8%, Draw: 16%

Odds Shark: LIV: -325, WOL: +800, Draw: +460

Southampton vs. Brentford:

The two sides of this game have only met twice in EPL history, each of which won one game. Their last five games across all competitions have seen one side as the winner every other game. On that logic, it's Southampton's time to win, and they're playing at home, where they beat the Bees in January. Soccer doesn't run on superstition, though. Brentford have scored almost twice as many goals as Southampton and conceded almost equally. They're in better shape than the home side, so a close win for Brentford is likelier.

Five Thirty Eight: SOU: 38%, BRE: 37%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: SOU: +130, BRE: +215, Draw: +255

Manchester City vs. Tottenham:

Boy, oh boy! This is the match of the week without a shred of doubt. Mark your calendars and put your phones on airplane mode as Harry Kane, once targetted by City, will meet Haaland, the goal-scoring monster. Haaland has already had two back-to-back hat tricks in his first EPL season, and his hunger for goals is seemingly endless. City are also coming off a 0-4 away victory in the Champions League. Spurs, too, beat Marseille in the first European match.

Both teams are in great form, making the clash between Guardiola and Konte a must-watch game. History does not matter here because Machester City are not the same as they were in the old days. However, four of the last five match-ups between these two have gone for Spurs both away and at home. This one will be a close match for the two sides who have not lost a game yet. This record is about to be broken for Spurs as City will likely win this game with a close margin.

Five Thirty Eight: MCI: 68%, TOT: 14%, Draw: 18%

Odds Shark: MCI: -260, TOT: +600, Draw: +420

Arsenal vs. Everton:

With their winning streak broken, Arsenal are coming to save face. Everton have not won a single game this season yet and might find it difficult to get one in this match. Despite their defeat in Old Trafford, the Gunners have a reliable keeper. Pickford was amazing for Everton in the weekend's derby against Liverpool, but Liverpool have troubles of their own. Arsenal will win this game, although Gordon may irritate their defenders.

Five Thirty Eight: ARS: 67%, EVE: 13%, Draw: 20%

Odds Shark: ARS: -300, EVE: +800, Draw: +420

West Ham vs. Newcastle:

Separated by three points, the 18th place Hammers will be hosting the 11th place Magpies as both sides have only enjoyed one win this season. Although, it is fair to say that West Ham's last game against Chelsea almost ended in a draw had it not been for some controversial circumstances that occurred in that match. History is undecided on this one, too, with sporadic wins both away and at home for the two sides. While Newcastle have scored more thane twice and conceded two fewer goals, their form has declined a bit. The clashes between Hammers and Magpies have always had goals, and so will this one. This one will go for Newcastle with a close margin.

Five Thirty Eight: WHU: 40%, NEW: 33%, Draw: 27%

Odds Shark: WHU: +150, NEW: +185, Draw: +255

Crystal Palace vs. Manchester United:

Improved and impressive Manchester United will be visiting Viera's Palace, who are sitting in 15th place with just one win and three defeats. Zaha is a troublemaker for every defender, but the Red Devil's back line has been top-notch with Martinez, Varane, and Malacia. Antony scored for them, too, in his debut against Arsenal. The link between Christiansen and Fernandez is also an advantage point for United. If they play in the same form, Manchester United will earn the three points in this game.

Five Thirty Eight: CRY: 34%, MUN: 41%, Draw: 26%

Odds Shark: CRY: +250, MUN: +110, Draw: +235

Leeds vs. Nottingham Forest:

The last match of the week sees Leeds hosting Forest. The visitors seemed to be in good form, but they've lost their previous three games, including a 2-3 defeat against Bournemouth at home. Henderson has been a reliable keeper for Forest, although neither he nor the defenders could keep City at bay in their 6-0 loss. Leeds, too, have been winless in their last three games, losing to Brighton and Brentford and sharing the points with Everton. This close match-up will probably end in a draw or a close win for Leeds.

Five Thirty Eight: LEE: 54%, NFO: 22%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: LEE: -130, NFO: +330, Draw: +275

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