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EPL Match Week 5 Preview

EPL Match Week 5 Preview

Because World Cup 2022 will pause soccer leagues for about six weeks in November, the domestic leagues are played in tighter than usual schedules. That means the EPL's fifth match week is Tuesday to Thursday, followed by the sixth week on the weekend. The following is a preview of the midweek games.

Crystal Palace vs. Brentford:

These two have only met twice in EPL history. Both of the games happened in the last season, and they both ended in 0-0 draws. Palace and Brentford are again in similar forms this season, separated by only one point. This will be a close match-up which will likely go for the hosts, if not another draw.

Five Thirty Eight: CRY: 47%, BRE: 28%, Draw: 25%

Odds Shark: CRY: -315, BRE: +750, Draw: +440

Fulham vs. Brighton:

Fulham have beaten Brighton only once in the four times they've faced Brighton. Their last two head-to-heads have ended in goalless draws. Graham Potter's Brighton, sitting in fourth place and five points ahead of Fulham, are seemingly in a better position. They're unbeaten and have won their two away games. Fulham can be troublesome at home, as they canceled the Bees and stunned Liverpool. This match-up will be tight and will go in Brighton's favor by a one-goal margin.

Five Thirty Eight: FUL: 28%, BRI: 46%, Draw: 27%

Odds Shark: CRY: +110, BRE: +250, Draw: +245

Southampton vs. Chelsea:

Southampton have had a slow start to the season, with two losses, one win, and one draw. Both Southampton and Chelsea defeated Leicester by a 2-1 scoreline. Chelsea's Sterling is finding his form in his new club, which is the visitor's strong point and why this game is very likely to go for them.

Five Thirty Eight: SOU: 20%, CHE: 58%, Draw: 22%

Odds Shark: SOU: +440, CHE: -170, Draw: +310

Leeds United vs. Everton:

The match-up history between these sides has been very even, with eight wins for Leeds, nine wins for Everton, and eleven draws. Everton won the last game in February 2022 by three goals to nothing. Both teams were in crisis then, but Everton is the one under immense pressure now. They've lost players in the transfer window, and there are reports that Gordon is pursued by Chelsea. Having had better results at home, Leeds will take the three points of this game.

Five Thirty Eight: LEE: 45%, EVE: 30%, Draw: 25%

Odds Shark: LEE: +115, EVE: +235, Draw: +235

Bournemouth vs. Wolves:

There is not much history between these two sides. They've only met four times, three of which have gone for Wolves. Bournemouth suffered a brutal defeat against Liverpool on the weekend, whereas Wolves beat the wealthy Newcastle. The visitors are finding their form and will win this fixture with a close margin.

Five Thirty Eight: BOU: 32%, WOL: 41%, Draw: 28%

Odds Shark: BOU: +260, WOL: +110, Draw: +240

Arsenal vs. Aston Villa:

The question is, who can stop Arsenal this season? They're the only team with perfect results, and their form is good. Exhaustion from the tight schedule may impact their game, but that's the same for every team. Aston Villa haven't found their form under Gerrard yet, and this is not a good time for them to visit the Gunners. The hosts will take the three points, although the margin will not be significant.

Five Thirty Eight: ARS: 60%, AVL: 18%, Draw: 22%

Odds Shark: ARS: -215, AVL: +575, Draw: +340

Manchester City vs. Nottingham Forest:

Although history shows two wins out of six for Forest and only one for City in the history of match-ups between these two sides, the last time they met was in 1995. Having spent the second highest money in the transfer window, Forest have a reliable keeper who saved Kane's penalty on the weekend. Yet, it's hard to believe they will survive City's ruthless attacks. Man City will win this game, thanks to Haaland and De Bruyne.

Five Thirty Eight: MCI: 89%, NFO: 3%, Draw: 9%

Odds Shark: MCI: -1500, NFO: +3000, Draw: +1100

West Ham vs. Tottenham:

West Ham finally won a game and scored one goal against Aston Villa, but their opponent had their issues. Their goal came from a deflection. The Hammers are not looking good this season. Spurs are in better shape, and they're getting results with the addition of Richarlison. West Ham have problems in finishing, and Spurs love to sit back and counterattack. Tottenham will win this game.

Five Thirty Eight: WHU: 25%, TOT: 51%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: WHU: +280, TOT: -110, Draw: +280

Liverpool vs. Newcastle:

Anyone who watched Liverpool's brutal win over Bournemouth on the weekend will fear facing the Reds in Anfield. Newcastle's away results have not been great, although they've not lost yet. But the Magpies' unbeaten streak is at major risk as they visit Liverpool. Liverpool will see this one through with a margin of at least two goals.

Five Thirty Eight: LIV: 72%, NEW: 11%, Draw: 17%

Odds Shark: LIV: -315, NEW: +750, Draw: +440

Leicester City vs. Manchester United:

Despite Rashford's inconsistency, Manchester United have seemingly found their foundation under ten Hag. Reports say the Foxes' Fofana is heading to Chelsea while the Red Devils are recruiting more players. United's back line showed improvement against Liverpool and Southampton. Things appear to be improving for United, and they should win this game by a margin of one goal.

Five Thirty Eight: LEI: 38%, MUN: 38%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: LEI: +240, MUN: +100, Draw: +275

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