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EPL Match Week 4 - Match Preview & Predictions

After an upset but exciting third match week, all eyes are on what EPL has to offer this weekend. Can we see consistency from Manchester United? Can Liverpool win their first game of the season? Will Arsenal maintain their winning streak? Will West Ham manage to score goals? These and many more are to look for this weekend in English Premier League. Here's the preview of EPL Match Week Four.

Southampton vs. Manchester United:

It is not uncommon for Manchester United to stun the league with an unbelievably fantastic result only to return to their lackluster form. A couple of years ago, they thrashed Chelsea in the season's opening match but failed to maintain a winning quality. The problem with the Red Devils has been their inconsistency, which has led them to change several managers in the last decade.

Southampton are tricky to play against. Their last two results have been an astonishing comeback against Leeds and an away win against Leicester. They may not be in great form, but they can create trouble. In fact, four of their last five head-ons with United have been very close. Their 9-0 loss against United in Old Trafford in February 2021 is an outlier in soccer history.

It is difficult to predict this game. Manchester United can win the game if they play in the same style they defeated Liverpool. Otherwise, we will see a close game ending in a draw. United will probably win this one in a tight game following their recent transformations.

Five Thirty Eight: SOU: 31%, MUN: 45%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: SOU: +320, MUN: -130, Draw: +280

Brentford vs. Everton:

A winless Everton desperately need to earn some points to get themselves and Lampard out of crisis and Lampard. The problem is that Brentford have been excellent, especially at home, where they pulled a 4-0 victory against United. Everton are in deep trouble in this game. last two match-ups have gone Brentford's way, too, with a margin of one goal. If Everton get lucky, they may earn one point from this one, but a low-margin win for Brentford is more predictable.

Five Thirty Eight: BRE: 49%, EVE: 27%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: BRE: +105, EVE: +275, Draw: +235

Brighton vs. Leeds:

Boy, Oh boy! Could this game happen at a better time? No! Both sides were impressive last week, with some stunning results. Brighton's away-win against Manchester United in week one and Leeds' victory over Chelsea promise a heated collision between Potter and Marsch, the two thinking managers of the league. The last two meet-ups between the two have ended in shared points, and that should say how close this fixture is. My prediction for this game is a draw.

Five Thirty Eight: BRI: 57%, LEE: 20%, Draw: 23%

Odds Shark: BRI: -110, LEE: +300, Draw: +255

Chelsea vs. Leicester:

Do the two sides of this fixture need a reform? Absolutely! Chelsea's performance against Leeds was weak, and Leicester's against Southampton was woeful. Chelsea need strikers, which is what they're after during the remaining days of the summer transfer window. Leicester need a lot, but definitely not a distraction like Chelsea's pursuit of their Fofana, which proved costly last weekend. Their previous five head-to-heads have been sporadic, so it's anybody's guess which way this one will go.

Mendy has been a reliable keeper for Chelsea except for his mistakes against Leeds. Ward has not yet proved a suitable replacement in Leicester's goal. The three points of this game will probably go Chelsea's way in a hard-fought one.

Five Thirty Eight: CHE: 67%, LEI: 14%, Draw: 20%

Odds Shark: CHE: -250, LEI: +650, Draw: +380

Liverpool vs. Bournemouth:

Who thought we would go into the fourth week of the EPL season with Liverpool seeking their first win? In all fairness, they have quite a lot of injured players, and Núñez was out for a red card in week two. Although Bournemouth beat in-trouble Aston Villa, they have lost their games against big teams. They have also lost their last five games against the Reds, pulling only one home-win in the previous ten head-to-heads. Despite their problems, Liverpool should earn their first victory in this game.

Five Thirty Eight: LIV: 81%, BOU: 5%, Draw: 12%

Odds Shark: LIV: -1000, BOU: +2500, Draw: +900

Manchester City vs. Crystal Palace:

City were lucky last week to get something from their clash with Newcastle. But it is what you expect from Pep, and history suggested that they have usually had hard times against the Magpies. This time, another trouble maker is in town. Patrick Viera's Crystal Palace haven't had it easy for Manchester City in their last two games. They won this fixture by two goals to nothing last October. The inverse fixture ended in a goalless draw.

When Viera is in town, it smells like trouble. That's not what City need now. Palace's Zaha is on form and will likely score a goal or assist one. But what has changed from the last match-ups between the two is that a goal-hungry beast is in town, and he's wearing sky-blue. Pep seemingly has an Ace card which should see them grabbing the three points.

Five Thirty Eight: MCI: 77%, CRY: 8%, Draw: 15%

Odds Shark: MCI: -600, CRY: +1400, Draw: +650

Arsenal vs. Fulham:

The question is, who can stop Arsenal? No one would ask this question last year or the year before. But with Jesus and Zinchenko in their squad and a flexible, reliable Ramsdale in their net, the Gunners are the only team with three out of three wins. Fulham beat Brentford, but only after their 2-0 victory was almost swapped by a 2-2 draw. They took points from Wolves and out-of-form Liverpool. This time, though, they face a different Arsenal from the team against whom they took one point. Arsenal will likely win this one with a two-goal advantage.

Five Thirty Eight: ARS: 69%, FUL: 12%, Draw: 19%

Odds Shark: ARS: -315, FUL: +750, Draw: +440

Aston Villa vs. West Ham:

The winless, goalless West Ham sitting at the bottom of the table are visiting the Aston Villa side, who have troubles of their own. Both managers are under pressure. Villa's defeat against Palace was a blow to Gerrard, and David Moyes needs to create goals and win games with West Ham. History is on West Ham's side with four wins in the last five head-to-heads with Villa. But will history repeat itself? This is a difficult question.

I have said before that Tyrone mings is not reliable in Villa's defensive line. West Ham's failure to score goals raises questions about Antonio. I don't think West Ham will make their fifth consecutive win against Villa, but they will earn something. This game will be close and is likely to end in a draw.

Five Thirty Eight: AVL: 47%, WHU: 28%, Draw: 25%

Odds Shark: AVL: +125, WHU: +220, Draw: +240

Wolves vs. Newcastle:

Could history be any more equal between any two sides? Three out of the last five match-ups between these two have ended in 1-1 draws. Wolves won one with two goals against one, and Newcastle took the three points in the previous fixture with a 1-0 victory. Newcastle have been transformed, though. They have new wealthy owners and an energetic manager. Things look bright for them.

On the other hand, Wolves are not in good form, sitting in the 18th position. Bruno Lange will have a difficult time against Newcastle. This one will go for the visitors.

Five Thirty Eight: WOL: 40%, NEW: 33%, Draw: 27%

Odds Shark: WOL: +170, NEW: +170, Draw: +215

Nottingham Forest vs. Tottenham:

The last time these two met was in April 1999. There is not much recent history between them. Forest are the newcomers, but they have been far from an easy win, albeit they have not been tested properly yet. They began the campaign with a defeat against Newcastle. While they beat West Ham and took a point from Everton, none of their opponents have done well. But they have a reliable keeper, Henderson, who's been the man of the match in their previous two games.

Harry Kane may have to work hard to score against Henderson. Yet, he just broke a record last week and will look forward to expanding on that. This one will probably go for Spurs, but not by much. And I wouldn't be surprised if Forest pulled another magic trick.

Five Thirty Eight: NFO: 16%, TOT: 64%, Draw: 21%

Odds Shark: NFO: +525, TOT: -210, Draw: +360

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