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EPL Match Week 16 Preview

Written By: Mahdi Farahikia

Here we are! The last EPL Match Week before all domestic leagues pause for the World Cup. The top two teams seemingly have easy tasks, meaning Arsenal may remain at the top before the break. Chelsea are in trouble, and their misery may deepen as they visit the Magpies. Spurs need to get back to a winning streak against Leeds, and Manchester United look for redemption. Here is the EPL Match Week 16 preview.

Manchester City vs. Brentford:

To realize how good Manchester City are, remember they beat Chelsea with their second squad in the Carabao cup. They literally have two groups of starting elevens, both of which are capable of winning and scoring. Brentford sits on the opposite side of the spectrum. They had a good start to the season, but their form has declined significantly. They let go of their win against last-place Forest. Having conceded twice as many goals as City, who are chasing Arsenal in the title race, it is hard to believe the visiting team have any chance of winning this match. Five Thirty Eight: MCI: 85%, BRE: 5%, Draw: 11% Odds Shark: MCI: -725, BRE: +1700, Draw: +725

Bournemouth vs. Everton:

In the previous ten times that these two sides have met in EPL history, Everton have never won an away fixture. Bournemouth took the three points in three of the last five match-ups, and Everton came out victorious only once. Everton's problems against Bournemouth resurfaced in the midweek Carabao Cup game as they lost by four goals to one.

Lampard has to find a way to defeat Bournemouth. This seems too difficult. So, what will happen three days later? Teams have shown the quality to turn things around. A draw seems like an optimistic prediction for this match; that's if Bournemouth can't upset Everton again. Five Thirty Eight: BOU: 36%, EVE: 37%, Draw: 27% Odds Shark: BOU: +180, EVE: +160, Draw: +225

Liverpool vs. Southampton:

Liverpool may not be in good form, but neither are Southampton. They fired Hasenhuttl and currently sit in the relegation zone above Forest and Wolves. On paper, Liverpool should win this match, but they lost to Forest (the rock-bottom team) and Leeds before beating Spurs.

It also seems like a habit that new managers bring temporary hype to the teams, which makes them win unbelievable games. Villa's victory over United and Manchester United's streak of incredible wins as Solskjaer took over are testimonies to this.

Will Southampton stun Liverpool the same way that Villa did to United? It is not impossible, but the chances are low. Playing in Anfield is not easy, and this match will go for the hosts. Five Thirty Eight: LIV: 77%, SOU: 8%, Draw: 14% Odds Shark: LIV: -400, SOU: +900, Draw: +525

Nottingham Forest vs. Crystal Palace:

Forest have not been great. They are the last place on the table. Despite that, they defeated Tottenham in the Carabao Cup, albeit Spurs' second team. Palace were impressive last weekend, beating West Ham on the road. However, Palace have never beaten Forest in EPL history, but that's the stats from the 1990s. Zaha can make trouble for the Forest defenders. However, Forest have been decent at home, and that can make Viera uncomfortable. Palace are the favorite, but I wouldn't rule out a draw. Five Thirty Eight: NFO: 31%, CRY: 42%, Draw: 27% Odds Shark: NFO: +205, CRY: +145, Draw: +210

Tottenham vs. Leeds:

Tottenham dropped to fourth place following their defeat to Liverpool. On the other hand, the in-crisis Leeds pulled stunning wins against Liverpool and Bournemouth. Tottenham will be without Son and Richarlison. This cost them against Liverpool last weekend and Forest in the midweek Carabao Cup match. The historical statistics between the two sides are perfectly even; both sides have won eight and lost three games. Leeds will play hard to get themselves out of trouble, but the match will probably end with a narrow win for Spurs. Five Thirty Eight: TOT: 65%, LEE: 16%, Draw: 19% Odds Shark: TOT: -167, LEE: +400, Draw: +320

West Ham vs. Leicester:

Equal on points, these teams are only separated by goal difference, which is in Leicester's favor. However, statistics are not! West Ham have won three of the last five match-ups with Leicester

and lost once. They also lost to Palace last weekend, albeit VAR controversy was involved in that match. Leicester look in good shape. They defeated Everton in Goodison Park by two goals. Tielemans' stunning goal may very well be the goal of the season.

Leicester have scored almost twice as many goals as West Ham this season, but they have also conceded ten more. This makes the clash between Moyes and Rogers even more enjoyable. Both want to win and put a gap between them and the relegation zone. The visitors will very likely find the back of the net, but this will probably be a close one ending in a draw. A narrow win for Leicester is also probable. Five Thirty Eight: WHU: 48%, LEI: 27%, Draw: 26% Odds Shark: WHU: +105, LEI: +265, Draw: +230

Newcastle vs. Chelsea:

Potter may have the fictional magician's last name, but Newcastle has their real underrated magician, Almiron. Chelsea's problems haven't wholly disappeared with Potter, either. They played poorly and lost against Arsenal a week after the humiliating defeat to Brighton. Newcastle, on the other hand, have been enjoying back-to-back wins home and away.

Potter's squad seem to be in trouble. It would be unbelievable to predict a win for the Magpies last year, but it is more likely now than a Chelsea win. Chelsea's optimistic fans (and maybe Spurs' fans, too) will probably hope for a draw. Five Thirty Eight: NEW: 41%, CHE: 34%, Draw: 25% Odds Shark: NEW: +135, CHE: +210, Draw: +225

Wolves vs. Arsenal:

Already upsetting Chelsea on the away ground, the Gunners are visiting the nineteenth-place Wolves. Arsenal love to go to the World Cup break sitting at the top, and this match doesn't seem to threaten that wish. Based on the statistics and the two sides' forms, Arsenal will earn the three points of this match. Five Thirty Eight: WOL: 19%, ARS: 57%, Draw: 24% Odds Shark: WOL: +475, ARS: -180, Draw: +310

Brighton vs. Aston Villa:

Emery had an excellent beginning to his managerial career at Aston Villa with a 3-1 victory against Manchester United. This may be the typical hype associated with new managers. Brighton, too, stunned Chelsea and defeated Wolves in their previous two matches, suggesting they are regaining their confidence following Potter's departure. This should be an exciting match as Trossard and Watkins face off.

While their victory against United was a good result, Villa faced the Red Devils without Varane and Bruno. It's hard to imagine how that match would end with them playing. Brighton have better statistics than Villa and sit just below Man United. Giving the benefit of the doubt to the Emery hype, this game will likely end in a draw. Five Thirty Eight: BRI: 57%, AVL: 19%, Draw: 23% Odds Shark: BRI: -115, AVL: +320, Draw: +250

Fulham vs. Manchester United:

Fulham have not defeated United in any of the previous five head-ons. The Red Devils have strengthened their squad and found their identity on the pitch. However, this is still fragile and was demonstrated in the 3-1 defeat against Villa last weekend. Fulham, too, are in good shape. They lost to Man City but did fight back hard. They're a difficult obstacle for Ten Hag's men. United may enjoy a narrow win, but a draw is also possible. Five Thirty Eight: FUL: 22%, MUN: 56%, Draw: 22% Odds Shark: FUL: +285, MUN: -110, Draw: +270

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