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EPL Match Week 14 Preview

Written By: Mahdi Farahikia

Last week was a really upsetting one for most EPL fans, as the results mainly went against all odds. Liverpool, Arsenal, and Tottenham were the big point-droppers who look to redeem themselves this weekend, while Man City will try to increase the pressure on first-place Arsenal. Manchester United and Chelsea put that incredible last-minute drama in Stamford Bridge and have the opportunity to close their gaps with third-place Tottenham. Here is the preview of EPL Match Week 14.

Leicester vs. Manchester City:

Let's be honest. Most people expected Rogers to be fired as the Leicester manager. But they have maintained three back-to-back clean sheets and won their last two games. Foxes are out of the relegation zone, albeit by only two points.

This match, though, will be a big test for Leicester. Haaland is on track to break the single-season goals-scored record, and nothing seems to stop him. Four of the last five match-ups between the two sides have gone for Man City, and with Haaland, Foden, and De Bruyne in their squad, City are the favorites to win this match. Five Thirty Eight: LEI: 11%, MCI: 73%, Draw: 16% Odds Shark: LEI: +875, MCI: -360, Draw: +500

Bournemouth vs. Tottenham:

Tottenham's misery began in Old Trafford, and they have not fully recovered yet. Sitting in fourteenth place, Bournemouth are doing just fine as per their standards. The two sides have met ten times in EPL, and the hosts won only once at home. Bournemouth's goals-scored and goals-conceded records are worse than Spurs. Spurs are struggling with Richarlison's injury and Son not being in good form. However, Tottenham seem to have what it takes to end their misery with a win in this game. Five Thirty Eight: BOU: 17%, TOT: 61%, Draw: 22% Odds Shark: BOU: +390, TOT: -45, Draw: +275

Brentford vs. Wolves:

Let's face it. Both of these teams have been disappointing and inconsistent. Brentford were the favorites last week, yet they lost to the Aston Villa side, who played for the first time since sacking Gerrard. Wolves, too, could move out of danger, only to lose to Leicester and fall into the relegation zone.

The visiting sides took the three points in the only two matches between these two. This is not good news for Brentford. However, Wolves have only scored five goals so far and conceded eighteen times which is as many times as Brentford have put the ball in the net. Bee's form at home gives them an edge for a narrow win in this game. Although a draw is also possible. Five Thirty Eight: BRE: 46%, WOL: 29%, Draw: 26% Odds Shark: BRE: +120, WOL: +230, Draw: +240

Brighton vs. Chelsea: Graham Potter visits his old club, which have struggled to win games since his departure. As a Brighton manager, he caused enough trouble for the London Blues, getting four draws in their previous five meet-ups. This time, he is managing the other side of the fixture. So, this should be an interesting one to watch. Chelsea were heartbroken last week, seeing their late win slip away in stoppage time. However, Potter knows Brighton way too well and should be able to devise the right plan to snatch the three points in this game. Five Thirty Eight: BRI: 33%, CHE: 41%, Draw: 26% Odds Shark: BRI: +185, CHE: +150, Draw: +215

Crystal Palace vs. Southampton:

Only one point separates the two sides, although Palace have one game at hand. Both sides have almost similar statistics in scoring and conceding goals, too. Zaha can cause trouble for the visitors, but Adams should be able to counter that. All of these means this match will be a close one. The head-ons between them have always been close. The likelihood of a draw is strong in this match. If not, a narrow win for Palace can be predicted. Five Thirty Eight: CRY: 48%, SOU: 26%, Draw: 26% Odds Shark: CRY: -105, SOU: +295, Draw: +240

Newcastle vs. Aston Villa:

Broken free from their bad form, Newcastle are sitting above Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool in the table. They have won four of their last five matches and only tied with Man United in Old Trafford. They have also beaten Villa 23 times in the 50 times these two sides met. While Villa put four goals in Brentford's net last week and brought Emery to replace Gerrard, it is hard to believe they can win this away game. Magpies should be able to win this match. Five Thirty Eight: NEW: 51%, AVL: 24%, Draw: 25% Odds Shark: NEW: -120, AVL: +320, Draw: +260

Fulham vs. Everton: Everton have won 18 of the 30 matches they have played against Fulham. This is music to Lampard's ears. But this game will be a test for the visitors as Mitrovic alone has scored more for Fulham than the top three Everton scorers combined. However, what Fulham have as an attacking advantage, they lack in defense. They have lost the same number of goals as they have scored. Everton, too, are in a similar position.

Gordon and Iwobi can create trouble on Fulham's goal, while Mitrovic and Pereira are skilled to test Pickford. While a narrow home win for Fulham is possible, the prospects of a draw are stronger in this match. Five Thirty Eight: FUL: 41%, EVE: 34%, Draw: 26% Odds Shark: FUL: +135, EVE: +205, Draw: +225

Liverpool vs. Leeds:

Coming off a shocking defeat to Nottingham Forest, Liverpool look to redeem themselves against the in-crisis Leeds in Anfield. With Nunez back in the squad, they have the advantage. Leeds, on the other hand, are in the relegation zone. They saw their win slip away at home against Fulham. Bamford has lost several opportunities in the last two matches, one being a penalty. All in all, this match looks like a win for Liverpool. Five Thirty Eight: LIV: 78%, LEE: 8%, Draw: 14% Odds Shark: LIV: -300, LEE: +675, Draw: +460

Arsenal vs. Nottingham Forest:

Arsenal were not great last week against Southampton, whereas Forest beat Liverpool. The question is if Forest can stop the Gunners. Liverpool, who lost last week, didn't look sharp. But they snatched a win in their midweek Champions League match. Forest have yet to win an away game this season. Playing against this Arsenal side doesn't give promise for the winless away record to break. This match will go for Arsenal. Five Thirty Eight: ARS: 76%, NFO: 7%, Draw: 16% Odds Shark: ARS: -500, NFO: +1200, Draw: +550

Manchester United vs. West Ham:

Both sides have seemingly gotten back to good form. United performed brilliantly against Chelsea but missed several scoring opportunities. However, they pulled a last-minute drama to escape defeat. West Ham's only away win came against Aston Villa. Moreover, 32 of the 52 head-ons between the Red Devils and the Hammers have ended in United's favor. In their current form, United should win this match as well. Five Thirty Eight: MUN: 54%, WHU: 22%, Draw: 24% Odds Shark: MUN: -140, WHU: +370, Draw: +285

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