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EPL Match Week 11 Preview

Written By: Mahdi Farahikia

The red and blue title-race rivals of the past few years are facing off in EPL Match Week 11. Revamped and refreshed Man United and Newcastle will go head-to-head, and Brendan Rogers looks for a way to save Leicester and his career as the manager. Here is the preview of EPL Match Week 11.

Brentford vs. Brighton:

Brentford's form has declined as of late. They have only won two games, both against out-of-form opponents. Their prospects don't look great. Add to that the historical statistics that favor Brighton. The only two meet-ups between the two sides in WPL history have gone for Brighton. Brentford have scored two more goals but also lost eight more compared to the visiting side.

Brighton, on the other hand, are without Potter. Yet, they pulled a draw against Liverpool and a close defeat to Spurs. This one will be close, too. Brighton have the advantage and are the favorite to win this match by narrow margins.

Five Thirty Eight: BRE: 32%, BRI: 43%, Draw: 25%

Odds Shark: BRE: +195, BRI: +140, Draw: +220

Leicester vs. Crystal Palace:

Leicester go to this match with the future of their manager in question. It seemed likely that Rogers would be fired after the Foxes' defeat to Bournemouth, but he is still in charge. They are still rock bottom in the table, hosting a Palace side that have only earned two victories so far. Historically, statistics are evenly spread between the two clubs, each winning eight times in their previous head-ons.

Palace's scoring statistics are worse than Leicester, but they have lost half as many goals. Leicester's significant weakness is Ward on the goal line; Zaha can exploit this. Although this fixture has gone the hosts' way in the last three times, given the weaknesses on both sides, this may end in a draw, but a close-margin win for Palace is also probable.

Five Thirty Eight: LEI: 44%, CRY: 31%, Draw: 25%

Odds Shark: LEI: +130, CRY: +210, Draw: +240

Fulham vs. Bournemouth:

The two sides have only met twice in EPL history, each winning once. The previous two games between them in English League Championship ended in draws. This one will also be close. Fulham have better scored- and conceded-goal averages, meaning they have the advantage. A tight win for Fulham is more likely in this match.

Five Thirty Eight: FUL: 46%, BOU: 27%, Draw: 26%

Odds Shark: FUL: -120, BOU: +320, Draw: +275

Wolves vs. Nottingham Forest:

The two sides are separated by one point in the relegation zone, just above Leicester. They have poor goal-scoring averages, while Forest's conceded-goal average is almost twice as bad as the Wolves. Forest have shown the ability to score goals when facing vulnerable opponents, and Wolves may be just what they need. Although their defensive line has been bad, it doesn't seem to fear the lackluster Wolves strikers. This match may end in a tight win for Forest.

Five Thirty Eight: WOL: 55%, NFO: 19%, Draw: 26%

Odds Shark: WOL: -145, NFO: +400, Draw: +265

Tottenham vs. Everton:

Everton saw their one-goal advantage slip away against Man United last week. Tottenham narrowly beat Brighton but their comeback in the UCL match in midweek suggests they have the potential to win games at home. Richarlison, the former Everton player, has been an influential component of the Spurs side at the time when Son was looking out of form.

The point is that the Kane-Son combination spiced by Richarlison seems too much for the on-the-road Everton. Last time around, Everton conceded five goals in this fixture. A Tottenham win is very likely in this game.

Five Thirty Eight: TOT: 67%, EVE: 13%, Draw: 19%

Odds Shark: TOT: -200, EVE: +550, Draw: +350

Aston Villa vs. Chelsea:

Chelsea have reformed under Potter. Their wins against AC Milan in UCL are testimonies to that end. Villa, on the other hand, lack so much in all areas of the field that, sitting in sixteenth place, they feel the threat of relegation. Villa have only won this fixture five times in the EPL history, and as things stand, this record doesn't seem to change. Chelsea are the favorite to earn the three points of this match.

Five Thirty Eight: AVL: 24%, CHE: 50%, Draw: 26%

Odds Shark: AVL: +340, CHE: -125, Draw: +255

Leeds vs. Arsenal:

Only one team has been able to defeat Arsenal this season, and that is Manchester United. Sitting at the top of the table, the Gunners don't seem vulnerable. They have also won four of the last five head-ons with Leeds, both home and away. It takes more than what Leeds, in their current form, possess to beat Arsenal. That's why a high-margin victory for Arsenal is predictable.

Five Thirty Eight: LEE: 20%, ARS: 59%, Draw: 21%

Odds Shark: LEE: +460, ARS: -175, Draw: +320

Manchester United vs. Newcastle:

Manchester United showed robust gameplay against Everton as they came back to win. Newcastle have also broken free from their 1-1 draw habits and started winning games. However, the Magpies' last two wins came against Brentford and Fulham, each under circumstances that could have easily gone against them. In addition, Newcastle have only won once at Old Trafford in EPL history.

Almirón is a threat that United defenders must handle. The Red Devils have their own arsenal of goal scorers like Antony, who's already making a name for himself. The match may be closer this time than the four previous times United beat the Magpies. A tight win for Man United is likely.

Five Thirty Eight: MUN: 47%, NEW: 29%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: MUN: -105, NEW: +265, Draw: +260

Southampton vs. West Ham:

This one is tough. Have West Ham improved? They beat Fulham and Wolves, two sides that don't look in good form lately. Southampton have a streak of four losses after beating Chelsea. Both of the previous head-ons between the two sides at St. Mary's Stadium have ended 0-0. Playing on the road is seemingly a challenge for the Hammers. Given Southampton's poor scoring record, this one also may end in a draw.

Five Thirty Eight: SOU: 35%, WHU: 38%, Draw: 26%

Odds Shark: SOU: +190, WHU: +145, Draw: +225

Liverpool vs. Manchester City:

The last time Liverpool met a Manchester team, they were the favorite to win, which they lost. This time, they're the underdog because City has unleashed a goal-scoring beast named Haaland. But it is not just him. Foden joined Haalaned in their 6-3 demolition of Manchester United. When the two sides were on top form competing for the title, their matches ended in 2-2 ties.

The most recent history is in favor of Manchester City, and so are the statistics. City have scored thirteen more goals and conceded three fewer. While Liverpool have lost twice already, City are the only team without a defeat. So, who can stop them?

Guardiola has the habit of making mistakes in big games. That's probably why his top-form squad have not won the Champions League yet. However, if Haaland is in shape, which he is, he seems to erase Pep's mistakes with his magic. This time, the Salah magic may not be enough to save Klopp. This match will end for City; the question is, by what margin?

Five Thirty Eight: LIV: 33%, MCI: 45%, Draw: 21%

Odds Shark: LIV: +295, MCI: -125, Draw: +300

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