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EPL Match Week 10 Preview

As the dust from last week's heated derbies settled, it's time to look into EPL Match Week 10. Leicester look to build upon their victory; Arsenal will host Liverpool; and Manchester United must survive Everton's fan base in Goodison Park after humiliation in the Manchester derby. Here is the preview.

Bournemouth vs. Leicester:

After their home win against Nottingham Forest, Leicester must maintain the momentum to escape relegation. The problem is they have not been able to beat Bournemouth on the road. In fact, they conceded four goals in both of the previous encounters at Bournemouth. The bright side for Foxes is that they have better scoring statistics than the home side, who have only scored six and conceded nineteen. Leicester are in better form and should get their second back-to-back win this season.

Five Thirty Eight: BOU: 30%, LEI: 45%, Draw: 25%

Odds Shark: BOU: +240, LEI: +110, Draw: +240

Chelsea vs. Wolves:

Chelsea were a bit lucky to snatch a last-mine win against Palace last time. Playing at home with Potter as the sitting manager, things should look in their favor. But their last win against Wolves in EPL was on July 2020. The previous three meet-ups between the two sides have ended in draws. However, Wolves are not in good form. Sitting in the relegation zone, having scored only three goals, they saw Marsch lose his job as manager. This is not a game that an incoming manager to the club would look up to. Chelsea will snatch the three points of this one.

Five Thirty Eight: CHE: 64%, WOL: 14%, Draw: 23%

Odds Shark: CHE: -250, WOL: +750, Draw: +400

Manchester City vs. Southampton:

With their performance last week, there is hardly any doubt that the champions are hard to resist. If things were good for them already, they improved even more with Haaland, the goal-scoring beast with three back-to-back hat tricks. Southampton succeeded in ending the previous two head-ons with City in draws, but the introduction of Haaland means the tides have changed. Manchester City will win this home game.

Five Thirty Eight: MCI: 86%, SOU: 4%, Draw: 10%

Odds Shark: MCI: -800, SOU: +1700, Draw: +775

Newcastle vs. Brentford:

Magpies, accustomed to draws, were handed an opportunity to win against Fulham, which they capitalized on. The question is if the early red card did them a favor or if they're finding their form. There is not a lot of history between the two sides, either. They have only played twice in EPL, with one win for Newcastle. This same fixture ended in a 3-3 draw last year. The Bees' form has seemingly declined. They have scored more goals than the home side but also conceded more. This will be a close one and probably end in a draw.

Five Thirty Eight: NEW: 51%, BRE: 25%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: NEW: -120, BRE: +320, Draw: +280

Brighton vs. Tottenham:

There is only one thing on Tottenham players' minds. That is to put their loss against the Gunners behind them. Spurs look to fulfill this mission against Brighton, who stunned Liverpool last week at Anfield. Having played one less game, Brighton are only three points behind Tottenham. Spurs' previous two visits to Brighton have ended in one win and one defeat, meaning they will have a high cliff to climb away from home in this fixture. This, too, will be a close match that will likely end in a draw, with slight chances for Spurs to win.

Five Thirty Eight: BRI: 37%, TOT: 38%, Draw: 25%

Odds Shark: BRI: +175, TOT: +155, Draw: +225

Crystal Palace vs. Leeds:

Palace's defeat last week was heartbreaking as they had succeeded in keeping Chelsea at bay. Both sides have three draws from their seven games this season. Palace have won once, whereas Leeds have earned two victories. This fixture has ended in one win for the home side and one draw in the most recent EPL history. Palace's average goal scored and conceded at 1.14 and 1.57, respectively, are worse than Leeds' 1.43 vs. 1.43. Given Leeds have not been great on the road this season, chances are Palace will snatch the three points with very tight margins.

Five Thirty Eight: CRY: 49%, LEE: 26%, Draw: 25%

Odds Shark: CRY: +115, LEE: +235, Draw: +240

West Ham vs. Fulham:

Fulham have not won against Fulham in their previous five match-ups. Last week, they also suffered a 1-4 defeat at home against Magpies. But Hammers have been in poor form sitting in the 15th place, scoring only 5 goals and conceding 9. While Fulham's scoring statistics are much better, they have similarly worse records in conceding goals. The home side's only two wins have come against in-crisis Wolves and Villa, while Fulham made a comeback against Forest and resisted well in their defeats to Spurs and Arsenal in their away fixtures. Fulham can get the three points of this match.

Five Thirty Eight: WHU: 55%, FUL: 21%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: WHU: -133, FUL: +350, Draw: +280

Arsenal vs. Liverpool:

Boy, oh boy! Sitting at the top of the table, Arsenal have taken Liverpool's role to challenge City in the title race. Hampered by a series of injuries, Liverpool don't show signs of their glorious days. They beat the Gunners in all the previous four match-ups, but that Arsenal looked nothing like the Arsenal this season. Trent Alexander-Arnold has been shaky this season, but sho has been Liverpool's defensive line. Arsenal seemingly have the upper hand here, while both teams have only lost the Manchester United away from home. The two sides will likely share the points at the end, with a slight margin for an Arsenal win.

Five Thirty Eight: ARS: 33%, LIV: 44%, Draw: 22%

Odds Shark: ARS: +150, LIV: +160, Draw: +275

Everton vs. Manchester United:

Coming off a 6-3 defeat against City, the question is if it was an inevitable defeat for Manchester United (given Haaland's ruthlessness)? They had enjoyed four back-to-back wins starting with their storm against the red part of Merseyside in Old Trafford. Can they harm Merseyside's blue side in Goodison Park? United have good players. Antony and Martial seem to be in good form. Casemiro, Ronaldo, Bruno, Malacia, Martinez, and De Gea, to say the least, are big names in a squad.

While Everton have been able to steal points from United in the past, the visitors are in better form this time around. Statistics favor the Red Devils in terms of goals scored but against them in terms of conceded goals. That is, of course, noting their face-off against City - a game which the Toffees have yet to face. The tight match will go for Manchester United.

Five Thirty Eight: EVE: 29%, MUN: 47%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: EVE: +265, MUN: +100, Draw: +100

Nottingham Forest vs. Aston Villa:

Both sides have been in crisis. Forest had a good start but have failed to impress. Villa's lack of form seems to have shifted, but they have not won away from home, although they snatched a point from City on the road. Forest have lost all of their previous games this season. They need to change things soon, or they will face relegation. As things stand, a close win for Villa is more probable.

Five Thirty Eight: NFO: 27%, AVL: 46%, Draw: 26%

Odds Shark: NFO: +230, AVL: +120, Draw: +225

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