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EPL Match Week 06 Preview

EPL Match Week 06 Preview

It has been a congested week in European soccer leagues, with midweek matches followed by games on the weekend. Some of the results from the midweek were shocking as Chelsea lost to Southampton, and Spurs took only one point against West Ham. Arsenal remains the only team with five out of five wins, and Manchester City's Haaland is ruthlessly preying on opponents as he pulled two back-to-back hat tricks. Here is the preview of EPL Match Week six.

Everton vs. Liverpool:

The Merseyside derby has always been an exciting one to watch. The red and blue sides of town have met sixty times, out of which Liverpool won 26 and lost 10. Liverpool have not had a sharp start to the campaign. Their astonishing 9-0 victory against Bournemouth was followed by a hard-fought comeback against Newcastle; a game they won in the closing seconds of the time added on. Núñez has served his three-game ban and may be playing for the Reds, who have a long list of injured players.

Everton are still in crisis. Their last three matches have all ended in 1-1 draws. Gordon is their star youngster. Without a win this season, the under-pressure Lampard will probably suffer a third defeat, as Liverpool are favorite to take the three points of this match-up.

Five Thirty Eight: EVE: 13%, LIV: 70%, Draw: 17%

Odds Shark: EVE: +600, LIV: -245, Draw: +380

Brentford vs. Leeds:

Starting the season on good form, the Bees seem to have lost venom since humiliating Manchester United. Of course, exhaustion from the tight schedule is a crucial factor, which may be deterministic in this match-up with Leeds. Leeds, too, have had sloppy results, especially away from home. Brentford have not won any of the past two games against Leeds. In fact, this same fixture went in Leeds' favor in a close match. As the tight schedule takes its toll on players and the two sides of this match have shown sloppiness in their games, I predict this game will end in a draw.

Five Thirty Eight: BRE: 49%, LEE: 27%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: BRE: +115, LEE: +230, Draw: +240

Chelsea vs. West Ham:

West Ham, finally, scored goals and won a game. Their home draw against Spurs moved them up to 14th place. Chelsea were shellshocked midweek as their 0-1 advantage turned into a 2-1 defeat against Southampton. The London Blues' striker issues are haunting Tuchal. Sterling is a good player, but he has not been perfect. Pulisic has lost form, and Havertz is sloppy in front of the goal. However, they succeeded in signing Fofana to add to their defenders.

West Ham are seemingly finding their form. They added Paquetá to their midfield, who troubled Spurs in the midweek game. But they have only won 15 of their 52 encounters with Chelsea, 28 of which have gone the other way. This one will be a very close match as both sides will have difficulty finding the net. Chelsea may secure a narrow win at the end of the 90 minutes, although I don't rule out a draw.

Five Thirty Eight: CHE: 62%, WHU: 16%, Draw: 22%

Odds Shark: CHE: -200, WHU: +575, Draw: +360

Newcastle vs. Crystal Palace:

The hosts have won half their 22 head-to-heads with Palace, losing only five. Both Magpies and Seagulls have won only one game this season. Newcastle almost snatched a point from Liverpool midweek but scummed to the punishment of trying to kill time. Palace's Zaha can irritate any defender. Newcastle have Saint-Maximin and Almirón in their squad. This will be a close one, too, like their last match-ups, and as the congested week wears down on players, it may end up with both sides sharing points.

Five Thirty Eight: NEW: 45%, CRY: 29%, Draw: 26%

Odds Shark: NEW: +105, CRY: +270, Draw: +225

Nottingham Forest vs. Bournemouth:

History will be made as this is the first game between these two sides in EPL history. They have similar records this season, with one win, one draw, and three defeats. Both sides also suffered humbling results, as Forest lost 6-0 to Manchester City, and Bournemouth were thrashed by Liverpool's nine goals. Nottingham Forest have a reliable keeper, despite letting in six goals against City. This will be their advantage against the visitors, who have not scored a goal in their last four games. This one will go for the hosts with small margins.

Five Thirty Eight: NFO: 44%, BOU: 28%, Draw: 28%

Odds Shark: NFO: +105, BOU: +270, Draw: +230

Tottenham vs. Fulham:

Tottenham have won both of their home games this season, whereas Fulham have not won an away match. The visitors stunned Liverpool in match one and troubled Arsenal despite losing that. History is on Spurs' side, although Son has yet to shine. The hosts will likely find it hard to create opportunities against Fulham, but they will probably win this one with a one-goal margin.

Five Thirty Eight: TOT: 70%, FUL: 11%, Draw: 18%

Odds Shark: TOT: -230, FUL: +575, Draw: +360

Wolves vs. Southampton:

Wolves have not lost to Southampton in their last five encounters, winning four. However, they have yet to win a game in this campaign, whereas Southampton bounced back from their defeat against Spurs to beat Leicester and Chelsea. Manchester United went into a lot of trouble to beat Southampton, who are sitting in 8th place with seven points against the 18th place Wolves with only three. The winless hosts will have a hard time in this game, and their best bet is to suffice to one point off the back of a congested week. However, Southampton are likely to win this one.

Five Thirty Eight: WOL: 47%, SOU: 27%, Draw: 26%

Odds Shark: WOL: +123, SOU: +240, Draw: +240

Aston Villa vs. Manchester City:

Steven Gerrard does not want to face City now as pressure is mounting on him. His side have only won one game this season against Everton and let go of four. Aston Villa's prospects are not bright, and they will have nightmares as City brings Haaland to town. With two back-to-back hat tricks, he is a threat to any defender. Manchester City are well-equipped to see this through with ease. Gerrard has to avoid humiliation.

Five Thirty Eight: AVL: 13%, MCI: 70%, Draw: 17%

Odds Shark: AVL: +650, MCI: -275, Draw: +440

Brighton vs. Leicester City:

Of the ten encounters between these two sides, six have gone for Leicester and only one for Brighton. This time, though, Leicester is in trouble sitting at the bottom of the league with one draw and four losses. They lost Fofana as he transferred to Chelsea. They've lost both their away games this season and the midweek match against Manchester United at home. I still believe Ward is not a reliable keeper for the Foxes, although Vardy and Barnes can score goals. Wellbeck can be a troublemaker in Brighton jersey, and Trossard produces stunning free kicks. With Leicester's problems mounting, they may look to get one point from this away game, which they may succeed in doing.

Five Thirty Eight: BRI: 51%, LEI: 25%, Draw: 25%

Odds Shark: BRI: -110, LEI: +310, Draw: +245

Manchester United vs. Arsenal:

This match-up was always filled with raging emotions in the era of Keane, Beckham, Scholes, Viera, Henry, etc. United are showing improvement under Ten Hag, and Arsenal are yet to lose a single point. The fact is that history is not a determining factor in this encounter. With a lot at stake and the Red Devils' defenders committed to blocking attacks, the question is, can they make the Gunners lose points? The answer is not easy despite three consecutive wins. If United play the same game they did against Liverpool, they can win the game, handing Arsenal their first defeat.

Arsenal's form suggests they will be hard to defeat. Yet, it is hard to imagine that they will maintain a perfect winning streak. Both sides are coming from midweek games, which means the players are fatigued. With supporters on their side in the Theater of Dreams, the 12th place Manchester United will likely stop Arsenal with a draw.

Five Thirty Eight: MUN: 34%, ARS: 42%, Draw: 24%

Odds Shark: MUN: +160, ARS: +240, Draw: +165

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