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Chef Curry — The Nylon’s Worst Nightmare

Wardell Stephen “Steph” Curry II just so happened to be brought into this life having Dell Curry as a father, the all-time in made 2pt field goals for the Charlotte Hornets; and it seems that shooting the lights out runs in their blood. What brings my attention to Golden State’s star point guard isn’t the fact that he’s a 3x NBA champion, 7x NBA all-star, or a 2x NBA MVP: It’s what he accomplished from throughout the month of April.

Curry registered 11-straight 30+ point games, averaging over 40 points over the three-and-a-half week span; establishing himself as the first player to surpass the 10-game 30-point streak marked by the late Kobe Bryant in December of 2012. Additionally, he became the oldest player (33) in NBA history to pour in 30+ points for 11 games in a row. This streak consisted of shooting 54.1% from the field overall and 49.7% from 3-point land. Although, we cannot be that surprised with Curry—His 3-point shooting ability has held extreme prevalence throughout his basketball career and has ultimately become the staple of his gameplay.

I feel that it is only right to truly look back and respect what Steph Curry has done from beyond the arc leading up to and during this absurd hot-streak. As one of the most lethal shooters the league has ever seen, he has recorded 21 games with at least ten 3-pointers up until this point (April 20th). This includes the six he's posted this season with four of them coming in the Warriors last five games. No other player in NBA history has more than three 3-point games in their career, let alone 21.

Curry connected on 72 3-pointers in the last 10 games, noting the most ever in a 10-game stretch. His onslaught of 30-point games is the most extensive streak by a Warriors player since Wilt Chamberlain way back in 1964. His 47 and 49-point efforts in his last two games of the streak made him the first player 33 or older to drop 45+ in back-to-back games since the legendary Michael Jordan two decades ago. The largest growing debate regarding Curry, is the quest to be the best shooter in league history: And the only man who stands in his way is none other than Ray Allen.

When breaking down the two side-by-side. What must be taken into account first is that Allen has played six more seasons than Curry, in which he handles him in all-time points (24,505 - 18,140). He also edges Curry in made 3s with 2,973 to Steph’s 2,779, but that’s with six more years of play. When breaking down regular season statistics, Curry leads Allen in 3-point percentage (.434 - .400). When it comes to the playoffs—when clutch shooting means everything—they both ring in at .401 shooting from 3-point-land. Allen’s most 3s in a game is 10 to Curry’s 13, giving Steph the edge once again.

Purely based on these statistics, it seems that Steph Curry wins a majority of these battles but a large number of people will argue that Ray Allen has the war still won. I think it's only a matter of [considerably short] time until Curry surpasses Allen on the all-time made 3s list and solidifies himself as the greatest sharpshooter the NBA has ever seen.

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