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Bills vs. Chiefs: NFL Playoff Record Breakers

The NFL’s Divisional round of playoff games did not disappoint in the slightest. In fact, if might have been some of the best football we’ve seen all year. The first three games of the weekend all seemed as thrilling as it could get, and then Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes faced off in Arrowhead Stadium for the second year in a row. This was a match up that everyone had their eyes on, and it ended up being one of the most exciting and baffling playoff games in NFL history.

There are countless articles online covering the detailed play-by-play and result of the game, so I want to look at a different angle. With such a high-scoring and fast paced game, did any NFL Playoff records get broken? The answer is yes, four playoff records to be specific. So, let’s get into it.

According to NFLResearch the “Bills-Chiefs contest was the first playoff game in NFL history with 3 go-ahead touchdowns scored in the final 2 minutes of regulation.” The last two minutes of this game took about 5 years off my life, and I am not even a Bills or Chiefs fan (Go Rams). These two teams’ ability to score at will, even against top NFL defenses, is what made this match up so electrifying.

The second playoff record set in this game was the 25 points scored in the last 2 minutes of regulation. This is more than any NFL postseason game before and is second most in NFL history. The Bills and Chiefs will continue to solidify an AFC rivalry as both Allen and Mahomes are locked into contracts for the next 6+ years.

The next two records that were broken in this game aren’t just individual achievements, but more team milestones that have never happened before. The Bills-Chiefs game marked the first NFL Playoff game where each QB had 300+ passing yards, 3+ passing TD and no interceptions. It was also the first playoff game where each team completed more than 70% of their passes (minimum 35 attempts).

These records may seem like more quarterback praise on the surface but give credit to the offensive lines for providing enough protection and the receivers for doing their job when targeted.

And finally, we have Gabriel Davis (BUF) who broke an NFL Playoff record after he caught 4 touchdowns on 8 catches. Davis passes legendary players such as Jerry Rice, Andre Reed, Rob Gronkowski and Larry Fitzgerald.

As we head into the championship weekend, NFL fans must be excited about the high-level football that is being played. This Bills vs Chiefs will undoubtedly go down in NFL history and has set the stage for an AFC rivalry that is only just beginning.

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