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Are You Ready for March Madness?

March Madness gets its name because of the drama it causes every year. The NCAA tournament is one of the events all sports fans look forward to each year. Most years it is dramatic but this year will be different, but in a good way.

This will be the best March Madness of all time. Yes you heard me. All Time!

There is no major favorite this year, and all the top fifteen teams in the country are just beating each other up. Gonzaga was supposed to be the consensus favorite going into March, but they lost to Duke early.

Duke was then supposed to be the favorite but they lost to Ohio State, and later Florida State. This cycle has repeated its self with Purdue, Gonzaga, Duke, Arizona, and Auburn all being near the top.

Besides the top teams in the country there are many teams outside of the top 10 that could win the title. Texas Tech, Kentucky, Wisconsin, USC, and Ohio State all have the talent to win the title and make a deep run.

All of these teams have demonstrated this by beating elite teams throughout the year so far. The best part of March Madness are the Cinderellas and there are teams that can play spoiler this year.

Watch out for Davidson, Colorado State, Murray State, and Loyola Chicago this year. All of these teams have sneaky talent that makes them threats when it counts in March.

Make sure to remember some of these teams when creating your brackets in March. Everyone that makes it this year has a chance.

Get your popcorn ready because it will be the best March Madness Ever!

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