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2022 ‘This or That?’ Fantasy Analysis: Derek Carr vs Kirk Cousins

2022 ‘This or That?’ Fantasy Analysis: Derek Carr vs Kirk Cousins

Must Have: Kirk Cousins (ESPN Rank: 15; SDN Rank: 12)

When comparing Cousins' 2021 season to Carr's, he was much more efficient. He had less pass attempts and completions, yet he still had 10 more passing touchdowns, 7 less interceptions, and just 0.2 less yards per attempt. Cousins' passer rating was also 9.1 higher than Carr's. Looking at matchups this season, Cousins has the 16th-hardest schedule while Carr has the 5th-hardest. And when comparing offensive lines, PFF has the Vikings at 19 (up from 23 last year) while the raiders have the 4th-worst in the NFL (down 1). Cousins and Justin Jefferson will easily be a top 3 QB/WR duo this year and will have huge impacts on fantasy leagues. In a 12-person league, Cousins will prove to be a great starter.

Must Avoid: Derek Carr (ESPN Rank: 13; SDN Rank: 15)

As we've already said, Carr was not the most efficient quarterback in 2021. Another problem he had was his ability to handle defensive pressure. He was sacked 40 times compared to Cousins who was only sacked 28 times. However, Cousins was knocked down 17 more times, hurried 7 more times, and blitzed 3 more times than Carr. Although his offensive line has gotten worse, we think these numbers will remain the same or even get slightly better with the addition of Adams. However, it won't get much better since Carr has the 5th-hardest schedule among QBs. Carr will absolutely prove to be a solid backup in fantasy this year, but do not go out of your way to draft him.

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